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Cyber Threats are emerging faster than DHS’s expectations

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) needs to innovate itself in anticipating cyber threats which are on the rise said Kirstjen Nielsen, US Secretary for Homeland Security. So, it needs a lot of support from the industry’s cyber research community and partnerships from the tech industry to do so say, Ms. Nielsen. “It’s hard to […]

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Google, GDPR, & Homeland Security

This post was originally published here by Will Houcheime. Here are the top cybersecurity stories of recent weeks:  Google fails GDPR guidelines, fined $57 million U.S. Homeland Security issues hijack warnings Unprotected server exposes four million applications 24 million sensitive banking documents exposed Over 100 million casino bets leaked   Google fails GDPR guidelines, fined […]

National Risk Management Center to guard US Energy Companies against Cyber Attacks

It’s official that a new National Risk Management Center is said to guard the US energy companies against cyber attacks launched by state-funded actors. This news was shared to the world yesterday at a New York Security conference by Homeland Security Secretary Kirstein Nielson who added in his statement that the top priority of the […]

Only six companies share Cyber Threat data says Homeland Security

It’s been more than 2 years since the Congress passed a landmark bill which incentivized companies in sharing cyber threat data with the government on how the hackers are penetrating their computer networks. But Department of Homeland Security (DHS) says that only 6 non-federal organizations are sharing such sensitive info with the government, while others […]

Homeland Security to probe potential cybersecurity threats posed by ZTE

As security scare among US government entities in using the products delivered by Chinese Telecommunication firm ZTE has increased in recent month’s, Homeland Security has been directed by House of Representatives to probe into the matter. The probe will be focusing on any cyber risks introduced by use of ZTE products on federal state, and […]

Homeland Security confirms phone spying incidents in Washington DC

For the first time, Homeland Security has publicly acknowledged that some people were using phone surveillance devices in Washington DC for malevolent purposes. However, the federal agency did not name any state-sponsored hacker or hacking group conducting such espionage but confirmed that the devices were being used to track down mobile phones and intercept calls […]

It’s official that HCCIC Cyber Center controversy will be probed by Inspector General

The Inspector General of the Health and Human Services (HHS) Department has confirmed that an investigation is underway into the controversy of the Healthcare Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (HCCIC) and more details will be revealed after the completion of the inquiry. Going further into details, in September last year the cyber centers Director Maggie […]

FBI confirms that Cyber Threats in all 50 states have hit peak

Federal authorities investigating in all 50 states have come to a conclusion that Radical Islamic Terrorists are all set to attack the US nation in all forms in coming days. In a move of retaliation for dropping Mother of All Bombs on some caves in Afghanistan, a group of ISIS terrorists acting as sleeper cells […]

Cyber Attack threat to Texas based Oil Companies

Texas-based oil and gas companies are said to be extremely vulnerable to cyber threats. And that’s because the energy industry is inching towards digitalization which otherwise makes it extremely difficult for companies to protect sensitive data. According to an investigation conducted by Houston Chronicle, Homeland Security has identified over 900 security flaws in US Oil […]

All Homeland Security websites are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

According to an audit released last week by the US Department, all Homeland Security websites are said to be vulnerable to cyber attacks from state-run actors. The report showed various lapses in the internet systems run by the Secret Service and Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities. The report specifically mentioned that ‘The Homeland Security’ needs […]

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