Microsoft and Google pledge to offer cybersecurity support to Rural Hospitals

In rural healthcare settings, the IT infrastructure often lags behind due to various challenges such as limited budgets, political constraints, and insufficient awareness. This vulnerability leaves hospitals susceptible to cyber-attacks, prompting governments to push for stronger defenses before it’s too late. Tech giants like Microsoft and Google are stepping in to support rural healthcare providers […]

Killnet Hacking group of Russia pledges to disrupt ventilators across UK Hospitals

In the first of its kind cyber threat, a group of hackers from a Russian hacking group have threatened to shut down the operations of ventilators across hospitals in the UK. The hacking group’s name is Killnet and is demanding the release of a hacker arrested in London by the authorities representing the Romanian Government, […]

Ransomware Attack on 400 California Veterinary hospitals

A ransomware attack launched on the database of the California National Veterinary Associates(NVA) is said to have impacted more than 700 veterinary hospital networks and animal boarding facilities in United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Highly placed sources say that NVA came to know about the cyber incident on Oct 27th this year when […]

Ransomware attack forces 3 Alabama hospitals deter patients

Hackers are seen increasingly targeting healthcare networks and school districts with ransomware attacks and the latest victims happen to be 3 Alabama hospitals named –DCH Regional Medical Center in Tuscaloosa, Northport Medical Center, and Fayette Medical Center.   The issue has become too serious as the victimized hospitals were seen turning away patients who needed […]

Ransomware attack on 621 hospitals, 500 schools and 169 businesses in the United States

A recent survey made to find the number of affected victims with ransomware in the United States has found that over 621 hospitals, 500 schools, and 169 businesses were hit by the said malware in 2019 alone. Cybersecurity firm Emsisoft issued a report yesterday stating the above stats and added that the estimate of financial […]

Major regional hospitals in Victoria hit by a ransomware attack

Health services in Victoria took a major jolt when the IT infrastructures of some of the major regional hospitals operating in the region were hit by a ransomware attack. This includes Gippsland Health Alliance and South West Alliance of Rural Health along with health care service providers in Warrnambool, Colac, Geelong, Warragul, Sale, Bairnsdale, and […]

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