Indian government bans personal computer connections to office networks

Indian government agencies are urging their employees not to connect their personal laptops and smart phones to office networks. They are, in fact, urging the authorities not to use office Wi-Fi spots for personal use. After taking cognizance from AIIMS Ransomware Attack, the Information Technology Ministry has also asked all government employees, especially those working […]

Indian government issues SOP to employees on Cyber Attacks

Central government employees of India will receive a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on Cyber Attacks by this month and suggesting measures to take before a cyber attack and steps to mitigate risks, if in case, an organization becomes a victim to a digital attack. Amid tensions from the government of China, the Prime Minister Shri […]

Cyber Attack launched on the ICMR India website after AIIMS

Indian Council of Medical Research, shortly known as ICMR, was hit by cyber attacks on November 30th, 2022, and reports are that hackers made over 6,000 attempts to breach the firewall in a time frame of just 24 hours. The good news is that the firewall of ICMR did not have any vulnerabilities, so the […]

Cyber Attacks on AIIMS India state Chinese Involvement

A few days ago, the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) based in Delhi was hit by a cyber attack of ransomware variant and sources report that the hackers are demanding Rs 200 Crores to return the stolen information belonging to millions of patients that would be otherwise sold on the dark web. According to […]

Malware attack on India CDSL halts financial transactions on Friday

Thousands of financial transactions related to demat accounts were halted on Friday November 18th,2022 as the servers at the Central Depository Services (India) Limited went through a cyber attack of the malware genre. According to sources, half of the transaction processing units were impacted by the digital attack and, out of precaution, CDSL halted its […]

China accuses India of launching Cyber Attacks on Pakistan

For the first time in history, China has openly criticized India for launching cyber attacks on Pakistan’s critical infrastructure using a Chinese code name. It also accused the Indian Subcontinent of terrorizing cyberspace by weaponizing IT for some objectives. India has counter-attacked its neighbor, saying it was falsely attempting to malign the image of the […]

Bitcoin Cyber Attack leads to Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi Twitter hack

At same time last year, a notorious hacking group somehow infiltrated the servers of Twitter and posted cryptic bitcoin related promotional tweets on a few of the celebrity owned twitter accounts. This year seems to be the turn of Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi, as the threat actors hacked his Twitter account and posted a […]

Indian company leaks 40m sensitive records of Citizens

The Security and Exchange Board of India, shortly known as SEBI, is in news for all wrong reasons as two of its business subsidiaries are caught in a data scandal leading to the leak of information related to more than 40m customers. Inquiries made by Cybersecurity Insiders have revealed that two of the SEBI’s business […]

Indian hackers spreading ransomware to retaliate Govt actions on Farmers

All these days we have seen adversary nations spreading ransomware in retaliation and to fund their criminal objectives. But the latest that is going on in the cyberworld of India is astonishing! A hackers group named ‘Khalsa Cyber Fauj’ is indulging in the activity of spreading file encrypting malware into public and private companies operating […]

Cyber Attack on Indian Stock Exchange

Just when the media has speculated a possible Chinese cyber attack on the power grids operating in South India, an NGO foundation has alleged that the National Stock Exchange(NSE) of India was hit by a cyber attack on February 24th,2021 disrupting most of the operations for the whole day. While the government of India denies […]

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