India to make CyberShield mandatory for Vehicles

India has emerged as a trailblazer in proactively addressing the looming threat of cyber attacks on domestically manufactured vehicles. This initiative aligns with guidelines established by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulation, setting a precedent for global cybersecurity measures in the automotive industry. The newly proposed regulations […]

Trending Cybersecurity News headlines on Google

Apple dismisses political controversy over its security alert Apple Inc has released a statement acknowledging attempts by state-sponsored actors to breach the devices of its users in various countries, including India. However, the company distanced itself from the ongoing espionage controversy within Indian politics, where the Opposition Congress has alleged that the ruling BJP government […]

Canada govt websites disrupted by Cyber Attacks from India

Numerous government websites in Canada experienced performance issues and error messages due to a cyber-attack orchestrated by the India Cyber Force. Federal intelligence agencies have expressed concerns that these attacks could escalate in severity over the upcoming weeks, coinciding with escalating tensions between the Trudeau and Modi administrations. The genesis of this conflict can be […]

South Africa claims DdoS Cyber Attack from India because of PM Narender Modi

A few days ago, the Daily Maverick, a South African news outlet, published a contentious statement concerning Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Presently, the publication alleges that it has fallen victim to a sophisticated cyber assault, purportedly originating from Indian Intelligence. Despite the allegations, official responses from the South African government and its leadership […]

Over 12k Indian Govt websites disrupted due to cyber-attack from Indonesia

Cyber attacks on public websites have become an increasing concern for governments across the world, and this article is related to one such news. An Indonesian hackers’ group claimed on the dark web that they are responsible for cyber attacks launched on over 12,000 Indian websites, and more will follow in the coming days. After […]

Biggest data theft in world history takes place in India

For the first time in the Indian history and probably in the world, the police officials of Hyderabad City of Telangana, India have arrested a gang for committing data thefts and selling data of appx 16.8 crore citizens including 1.2 crore belonging to WhatsApp, 17 lakhs from Facebook, 2.55 lakhs belonging to armed forces, 15 […]

India to use Artificial Intelligence to curb power thefts and check usage

India is probably the only country in the world to provide free power to all of their farmers, as these folks provide the nation much needed food for survival. However, only a few states like Telangana are genuinely offering free power to farmers, in a hope of stealing political mileage in the upcoming elections. But […]

BlackCat Ransomware targets Indian Military weapons maker and Yandex Data Breach

BlackCat Ransomware has targeted an Indian firm that produces and supplies weaponry to military agencies across the subcontinent. And details are in that the hacking gang has now put the stolen data up for sale, as the victim failed to entertain their monetary demands. Solar Industries India Limited is the firm that became a victim […]

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs Email servers were hacked and data leaked

The Ministry of External Affairs(MEA) of India is in news for becoming a target of a cyber attack that led to the data breach and now data sale. According to an update released to the press, the email servers of MEA were targeted by a sophistication driven cyber attack leading to access of information by […]

India IIT offers BTech in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Are you interested in taking a career path in artificial intelligence and data science? Then you better pursue a course in Bachelor of Technology in Indian Institute of Technology Patna as it has recently launched a programme in the related field to get the students certified in the said field. The Btech AI and Data […]

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