Now China launches a cyber attack on Indian Maritime Ports

After infiltrating at least 10 computer networks related to Indian Power Grid Operations, the Chinese hacking group named RedEcho has reportedly targeted two maritime ports says a research carried out by Recorded Future- a Massachusetts based Cybersecurity and threat intelligence gathering firm. The highlight of the report is that the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team […]

China Cyber Attack on Indian Power Plant

As per a post published in The New York Times, China has targeted an Indian power plant last year that resulted in a big disruption for many in the business city of Mumbai, India. The post claims that the incident took place in 2020 and was a retaliation attack launched by China because of the […]

Cyber Attack on Indian GST Network

Goods and Services tax network shortly known as GSTN was targeted by a cyber attack in wee hours of yesterday, i.e. January 1st,2021. However, the good news is that no sensitive information was access to hackers. Confirmed sources say that the attack was of DDoS genre where large amounts of fake internet traffic are targeted […]

American firm launches Malware Cyber Attack on Indian NIC Meity

The National Informatics Centre (NIC), an office linked to the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) is reported to have been targeted by a malware related cyber attack from an American firm via a Bangalore based company. News is out that a server belonging to MEITY was hacked and a malware was induced […]

Ransomware attack on Indian Highways Authority Email Server

  As predicted by the Singapore based Cybersecurity firm CyFirma earlier this month, a ransomware attack was launched on the email servers operated by the National Highways Authority of India on Sunday this week. However, as the incident was identified and contained at a preliminary stage, no data loss or disruption was observed.   Akhilesh […]

China to teach a lesson to India through a Major Cyber Attack

After receiving a lot of flak from India and across the world over the recent border issue, the Chinese government seems to be planning of retaliating to the criticism with intense Cyber Warfare.   According to Times Now, a Singapore based Cybersecurity Firm named CyFirma is said to have issued an intense warning to all […]

US Firm says 110,000 Indian Aadhaar IDs are now available on Dark Web

US Cybersecurity firm Cyble claims that it has discovered a 90GB data dump on the dark web which contains details of more than 110,000 Indian National IDs in the form of Aadhaar details on the dark web. However, the company has clarified that the hackers could have gained the Aadhaar details from a non-governmental source […]

Dtrack Malware attack on India’s largest Nuclear Power Plant

The Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) has issued a press statement yesterday admitting that its digital infrastructure did go through a Dtrack malware attack. However, AK Nema, the associate director of NPCIL has cleared the air that the attack was neutralized before it could affect any sensitive infrastructure. Going by the details, CERT-In […]

Espionage on all computers by Indian Government

Indian government under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi has decided to snoop on all the computers operating in the subcontinent from early next year. The decision was taken by the central government on late Thursday ( Dec 20, 2018) and was made public to the populace from Friday. A spokesperson from the […]

India witnesses 400,000 cyber attacks from Russia, China, and US

F-Secure, the Finland based cybersecurity firm has confirmed that Asian country India has witnessed around 400,000 cyber attacks on its infrastructure from Russia, China, and the United States between Jan- Jun this year. “The relatively higher number of inbound cyber attacks on Indian Honeypots reflects how fast the fast-digitizing country is becoming vulnerable to hackers […]

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