China Cyber Attack on Indian Power Plant

As per a post published in The New York Times, China has targeted an Indian power plant last year that resulted in a big disruption for many in the business city of Mumbai, India. The post claims that the incident took place in 2020 and was a retaliation attack launched by China because of the border dispute with India in Ladakh region.

NYT claims it has got a confirmation from a study made by US Internet security company Recorded Future that claimed the attack as a malware genre that somehow seeped into the control systems of the power supply interrupting electric distribution across India as a coal fired and high voltage transmission was deeply affected.

Red Echo, a Chinese hacking group was behind the incident says the security report compiled by Recorded Future that stated that outage resulted in disrupting emergency services in hospitals due to power outage, rail network disruption and distribution of water supply from utilities as the pumping facilities of water to supply tanks from reservoirs was deeply interrupted.

What’s surprising about the incident is that none of the Indian Media resources detailed the blackout as cyber attack as it could induce panic into public. But a certain section of the media stated that the power outage that took place between Oct 12-Oct 13, 2020 could result from a Chinese digital invasion into the network of an Indian Power Grid.

Lieutenant General DS Hooda, an Indian Army Officer of top grade put forward his perspective to NYT and said that the attack was a signalling of China that clearly meant that it could do a lot many things in retaliation and the power blackout was just a warning.

Naveen Goud
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