Cyber Attack

US Mid-Term Elections 2022 not compromised through Cyber Attack says CISA

US Mid-Term Elections 2022 are now over and news is out by now that Democrats led by Joe Biden, with the help of deputy Kamala Harris, kept their throne with a great difficulty. As Republicans under the leadership of Donald Trump tried their best to snatch power from Biden administration. Coming to the point, the […]

Cyber Attack disrupts operations of world’s advanced radio telescope

A highly sophisticated cyber attack has taken down the world’s advanced radio telescope, halting the scientific experiments from the past few days. The Atacama Large Millimeter/sub-millimeter Array Laboratory in Chile was digitally brought down by a cyber attack on October 29th of this year, making it unavailable for the scientists observing the space. The attack […]

Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

Facebook has made any official statement that a team of cybersecurity researchers from its parent company Meta have detected 400 malicious apps that were operating on Android and iOS operating systems and were indulging in stealing credentials of its users. Meta revealed the findings in its latest security report and has urged both the technology […]

Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

The first news that is trending heavily is about Elbit Systems of America that made an official announcement that it suffered a data breach some time ago and the threat actors might release the stolen details to the web anytime. Elbit issued a notification two Maine Attorney General’s Office about a ransomware attack that targeted […]

Cyber Attack on unpatched medical devices

FBI has issued a formal alert on unpatched medical devices and says that these are extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks because of outdated software. The law enforcement agency added that threat actors are banking on the devices that are not patched and are seeing them as earning nodes. Often such outdated devices bring in digital […]

Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

Microsoft released a report that cloud applications are acting as catalysts for cyber attacks as it detected over 1.5 million attack attempts on cloud environments in a time frame of just 60 months. The technology giant mentioned in its Cyber Signals reports that most of the attempts were made by exploiting configuration errors by admins […]

StillVulnerable Campaign for cyber attack victims to Speak Up

All these days, we have seen companies sharing their cyber attack experiences and intelligence with government and monitoring groups. But now, here’s a new platform where victims like businesses, activists and institutions can directly speak or share their digital assault experiences with the world. Digital Peace Now launched a StillVulnerable campaign which acts as a […]

Russia to the cyber-attack United States with the help of its Ransomware gangs

We all know that half of the ransomware gangs that are operating in the wild are from Russia or are being financially backed by Kremlin. So, after analyzing the current situation in the cyber landscape, the FBI has concluded that the Putin-led government is all set to the cyber-attack United States pretty soon! It is […]

Cyber Attack disrupts core communication systems at Washington Local Schools

Washington Local Schools have disclosed that the communication systems on its premises were down because of a cyber attack that affected phones, the Internet, Wi-Fi network, email service and Google Classroom to a great extent. Reports are in that the IT staff on the school premises are working 24×7 to bring back the communication systems […]

Cyber Attack on Nile Dam foiled by Ethiopian Authorities

An Egyptian hacking group has taken the claim of launching a cyber attack on a Nile Dam that could have not only triggered flash floods downstream but could have led to a total power blackout. Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) which generated power in February this year, was digitally attacked by a hacking group having […]

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