Cyber Attack

Tokyo Olympics 2021 on Russian Cyber Attack Radar

Tokyo Olympics 2021 Opening Ceremony is about to start in a few hours time and organizers are busy checking out the Cybersecurity arrangements meant to protect the Olympics event from state funded hackers. Security analysts from West estimate that the much renowned games event might be on the Russian Cyber Attack Radar, as disrupting such […]

Cyber Attack on Transnet South Africa Shipping

South Africa-based Transport Company named Transnet is reported to have been hit by a cyber attack that has caused serious disruptions to its operations that can last for a week. In an email update released by the Cape Town Harbour Carrier Association to the members, it was clearly mentioned the port operations have been seized […]

Cyber Attack news trending on Google

Mint Mobile, an American Mobile Carrier stated it has become a victim of a cyber attack early last month that ended in a data breach affecting a larger section of its customers. And Prima facie reveals that the hacker somehow infiltrated the database and used special software to port several customer mobile numbers to another […]

Cyber Attack news trending on Google

First, a gaming company named Electronic Arts is trending on Google news headlines for becoming a victim of a cyberattack that leaked source codes and tools belonging to several of its popular games such as FIFA 21, Battlefield, Frostbite Engine, and Battle Tanks. Sources reporting to our Cybersecurity Insiders say that the hackers managed to […]

Password steal leads to Colonial Pipeline Cyber Attack

A single password steal is said to have led to Colonial Pipeline Cyber Attack says Joseph Blount, the CEO of the fuel supplying company based in South East Coast.   Reiterating the same that was said to the US Senate Committee last week, Blount stated that the Colonial Pipeline attack took place because the company […]

US Fuel companies should report cyberattacks to the government

US Homeland Security has passed out an order that all fuel generation and pipeline companies operating in the country should report cyberattacks to the government as soon as they are impacted. The decision comes after Congress expressed its disappointment on Colonial Pipeline ransomware payment of $4.4m paid to DarkSide ransomware group that reportedly stole over […]

Microsoft offers playbook to businesses on Cyber Attack Defense

Many company leaders, especially those leading SMBs are having very little knowledge on how to defend their businesses from cyberattacks or how to respond to such situations. Therefore, Microsoft, a leading American technology company has offered a playbook to help firms raise their defense line against cyber attacks. Going forward, the playbook is a free […]

Cancer Treatment across United States halted by Cyber Attack

Cancer treatment services across the United States have taken a big hit as a cyber attack is said to have disrupted the software services operating in the High-tech radiation machines used to treat the malign disease. Elekta is the company in discussion that was hit by a cyber attack and as it supplies software meant […]

Chinese Military launches Cyber Attacks on Japanese Research firms

NHK, a Japan-based news resource, has published that a cyber attack launched by a hacking group linked to Chinese military targeted nearly 200 research firms and institutions from Japan. The report includes the fact that China was taking servers on rent in Japan in the name of IT development and was indulging in disruption tactics […]

Over 3.1 million cyber attacks on cloud user accounts

McAfee released an ‘MVISION’ Cloud User Report on Tuesday stating that the year 2020 witnessed over 3.1 million cyber attacks on cloud user accounts. And most of them were malware related followed by account hijackings and targeted attacks against vulnerabilities. As per the report, the industries that were majorly targeted include retail, technology, financial, public […]

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