Cyber Attack

Russian cyber attack on Ukraine downs government websites

A few hours ago, Ukraine government’s critical websites were hit by a cyber attack, blocking access to thousands of users from the past 6 hours. Reports are in that the most affected were the embassy websites belonging to UK, US and Swedish operating in Ukraine pointing the suspicion finger towards Russia. From the past 5-6 […]

Covid Omicron variant leads to Phishing Cyber Attacks

All you populace out in UK, please be aware that some online fraudsters are launching phishing email attacks in the name of NHS distributing free PCR testing kits to detect the latest Omicron Corona Virus variant. Which? a data advocacy group discovered the attack and alerted all online users that they should not believe the […]

US fears shadow cyber attacks on its Satellites by Russia n China

US fears nations like China and Russia will soon copy and surpass its space capabilities, say in a decade or so. General David Thompson, the Chief of US Space operations, opined things are getting worse as days are passing by and could prove fatal to America or the entire world within no time. Expressing his […]

Truth behind Amazon stealing financial credentials of customers via Cyber Attack

From the past few days, a group of techies on Git-Hub churned out a conversation claiming Amazon stealing the financial credentials of its customers through a cyber attack. But the truth is out that the attack is being launched by some hackers impersonating the retail giant and not by the actual staff of the Jeff […]

Massive Cyber Attack on Iran Gas Stations

Cyber Attack news reports are in that gas stations or fuel dispensing systems across the region of Iran have stopped pumping out the highly subsidized gasoline because of a technical glitch that could have been caused due to a digital attack from either United States, Israel or a group of hackers having anti-Iranian sentiments. And […]

Microsoft says Russia indulged in 58% of state funded cyber attacks last year

Microsoft has made a recent study and discovered that Russia indulged in over 58% of state funded attacks last year with China’s responsibility detected less that 10%. The tech giant also concluded that the threat actors from the Putin nation mostly targeted IT infrastructure based in United States followed by Ukraine, Britain and European NATO […]

UK to build $5 billion headquarters to retaliate offensive Cyber Attacks

All these days, Britain tried its best to remain calm against nations that were hitting its critical infrastructure constantly on a digital note. But now, the nation will not remain silent against the cyber warfare and has retaliated strongly. UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has announced that his nation will soon build a $5 billion […]

Hidden costs incurred after being targeted by ransomware attacks

As soon as we hear or read about a ransomware attack on a company, we are in a state of mind that the business needs to pay only the ransom in order to avoid a loss to its data continuity on a permanent loss. But we never think or bother about the hidden/unexpected costs that […]

Serious probe on T-Mobile Cyber Attack 2021

We all known that a few weeks ago, American Telecom Giant T-Mobile experienced a cyber attack in which data related to over 54.6m individuals was exposed to hackers and that includes information such as addresses, names, DoBs, phone numbers, social security numbers, driving license details, IMEI numbers, IMSI numbers and some credit card info related […]

Banks and other Govt organizations badly hit in New Zealand by Cyber Attack

A Cyber Attack that hit servers of several banking institutions of New Zealand(NZ) has disrupted the online services for over a week now. And although the banking officials say that the issue was resolved within 48 hours, many customers still could not login into the online banking website or app witnessing several issues such as […]

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