Cyber Attack

Over 600K routers in USA were disrupted by Cyber Attack

A cyber assault targeting internet routers operating in the United States has caused widespread disruption, affecting over 600,000 devices and marking one of the most significant router attacks in American history. Discovered by Black Lotus Labs, a division of Lumen Technologies, in April 2024, the attack occurred during October and November of the previous year […]

Can a Cyber Threat Abruptly Evolve into a Ransomware Attack

In today’s digital landscape, the evolution of cyber threats poses significant challenges for individuals and organizations alike. One pressing concern is the sudden escalation of a seemingly minor cyber threat into a full-fledged ransomware attack. This phenomenon has become increasingly common, raising questions about the speed and unpredictability of cyber threats’ transformations. Cyber threats encompass […]

EASA Alerts Airlines Amid Suspected Cyber-Attacks on UK-Bound Flights

European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has issued a cautionary alert following reports of cyber-attacks targeting flights bound for the United Kingdom. These incidents have raised serious concerns regarding the safety and security of air travel, prompting EASA to advise airlines and flight crews to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions. According to EASA, some […]

Cyber Attacks: The Need For an IT and Board-Level Understanding of the Risks

[By James Allman-Talbot, Head of Incident Response and Threat Intelligence at Quorum Cyber]   According to IBM, the global average cost of a data breach in 2023 was 4.45 million, which was a 15% increase over three years. Microsoft notes that “the U.S. was the target of 46 percent of cyberattacks in 2020, more than […]

Cyber Attack suspected behind Baltimore Bridge Collapse

The incident that shook Baltimore on March 26, 2024, when a cargo vessel collided with the Baltimore Bridge, resulting in its collapse into the Patapsco River, has sparked widespread speculation and concern. In the early hours of March 27, 2024, several publications shared photos of the bridge collapse, raising questions about the possibility of foul […]

Over 40m UK voters personal data breached in hack by China

In an unprecedented move, the United Kingdom’s government is poised to publicly accuse China of orchestrating a cyber breach into its Electoral Commission’s database. The breach, occurring between August 2021 and October 2022, saw over 40 million voter records compromised. Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden is slated to address Parliament, officially attributing the cyber-attack to […]

Benefits on sharing cyber attack information

Sharing information about cyber attacks provides several benefits to individuals, organizations, and the broader cybersecurity community. Here are some key advantages: 1. Early Threat Detection: Information sharing enables early detection of cyber threats. When organizations share details about the attacks they’ve experienced, others can learn and proactively defend against similar tactics, techniques, and procedures. 2. […]

Ransomware and Cyber Attack related news headlines trending on Google

Microsoft revealed on Friday that its corporate email servers were breached by the hacking group Midnight Blizzard, which is believed to be funded by the Russian-sponsored online crime group Nobelium. The cyberattack, which occurred on January 12th, targeted customer data and information belonging to Seattle-based staff. Evidence suggests that the data theft was likely planned […]

Crafting an Effective Cyber Attack Response Plan: A Comprehensive Guide

In an era dominated by digital advancements, businesses and organizations face an ever-growing threat from cyber attacks. The importance of having a robust cyber attack response plan cannot be overstated. A well-crafted plan not only helps mitigate potential damage but also ensures a swift and organized response when faced with a cyber threat. This article […]

Top 8 Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

1.) The ALPHV ransomware gang’s website, which provides information leaks and negotiation details, has been inaccessible for several hours. Telegram sources suggest that law enforcement linked to Euro-pol may have taken down the blog, which is only accessible through TOR. The BlackCat Ransomware service website has also been down for the past 48 hours, and […]

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