Cyber Attack

Microsoft says Russia indulged in 58% of state funded cyber attacks last year

Microsoft has made a recent study and discovered that Russia indulged in over 58% of state funded attacks last year with China’s responsibility detected less that 10%. The tech giant also concluded that the threat actors from the Putin nation mostly targeted IT infrastructure based in United States followed by Ukraine, Britain and European NATO […]

UK to build $5 billion headquarters to retaliate offensive Cyber Attacks

All these days, Britain tried its best to remain calm against nations that were hitting its critical infrastructure constantly on a digital note. But now, the nation will not remain silent against the cyber warfare and has retaliated strongly. UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has announced that his nation will soon build a $5 billion […]

Hidden costs incurred after being targeted by ransomware attacks

As soon as we hear or read about a ransomware attack on a company, we are in a state of mind that the business needs to pay only the ransom in order to avoid a loss to its data continuity on a permanent loss. But we never think or bother about the hidden/unexpected costs that […]

Serious probe on T-Mobile Cyber Attack 2021

We all known that a few weeks ago, American Telecom Giant T-Mobile experienced a cyber attack in which data related to over 54.6m individuals was exposed to hackers and that includes information such as addresses, names, DoBs, phone numbers, social security numbers, driving license details, IMEI numbers, IMSI numbers and some credit card info related […]

Banks and other Govt organizations badly hit in New Zealand by Cyber Attack

A Cyber Attack that hit servers of several banking institutions of New Zealand(NZ) has disrupted the online services for over a week now. And although the banking officials say that the issue was resolved within 48 hours, many customers still could not login into the online banking website or app witnessing several issues such as […]

United Nations data stolen via Cyber Attack

Cybersecurity firm Resecurity has confirmed that a hacker/s have breached the systems related to United Nations leading to the data breach. And preliminary inquiry has suggested that the attack took place as the cyber crooks gained login access into the governmental organization that operates with the aim to maintain international peace and security. Gene Yoo, […]

Russia Yandex servers hit by DDoS Cyber Attack

A distributed denial of service attack has targeted Yandex, an internet company based in Russia. News is out that this was not the first time that the incident took place. It started in the first week of August and continued till the second week of this September. Cybersecurity Insiders learnt from its sources that the […]

Hackers target Bear Grylls TV Presenter with Cyber Attack

We have seen world renowned adventurer Bear Grylls fight with snakes, lions and alligators. But now the British enthusiast is seen busy fending off attacks from hackers having the intention to steal currency from him and put a dent to his business and its reputation. Bear Grylls who has taken many guests like Former US […]

Internet in New Zealand disrupted due to a DDoS Cyber Attack

A Distributed Denial of Service attack shortly known as DDoS resulted in the disruption of internet services across New Zealand leading to shut down or temporary closure of businesses from afternoon today, i.e. September 3rd,2021. Reports are in that Internet Service provider Vocus, which operates Flip, Stuff Fibre, Slingshot and Orcon was targeted by a […]

Cyber Attack leads to data breach of Britain’s Gun Enthusiasts

A report published in ‘The Register’ states that information related to Britain’s gun enthusiasts was leaked in a sophisticated cyber attack targeted a few weeks ago leading to the exposure of sensitive details such as home addresses, contact details and names of over 111,295 people holding license to own and operate a gun. National Crime […]

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