Indian to pay $8.6 million in a penalty for launching Cyber Attacks on US University

An Indian origin man named Paras Jha, 22, of New Jersey has been asked to pay $8.6 million as the penalty for launching cyber attacks on a leading US University. The sentence was pronounced by Trenton Federal Court Judge Michael Shipp who asked the individual to serve 6 months House Arrest in addition to the […]

FBI alert on malware attacks on ATM starts with a cyber attack on India

Last week, FBI of the United States issued an alert to all large banks operating in Britain saying that hackers could launch concerted global malware attack to withdraw money from free to use ATMs from this month end. It seems that the attack has already started with the cyberattack on a bank operating in India. […]

French Hacker transcends Aadhaar UIDAI helpline number to millions of Android phones in India

French hacker named Robert Baptiste, who tweets with pseudonym Elliot Anderson has once again proved that nothing can be concealed from the hacking world. The latest controversy which is supposed to be created by him or is supposed to involve him in one way or the other proves this instance to the core. It’s said […]

Indian Prime Minister challenged by French Security Expert for Aadhaar details

Indian Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi was challenged by a French security expert named Elliot Anderson for sharing his Aadhaar details i.e. only if he has one. The challenge comes just after the exposure of certain sensitive details like passport number, email ID, PAN number, alternative phone number, WhatsApp picture profile photo and mobile number […]

Data of more than 1 Billion Indian Aadhaar cards is open to Cyber Attack!

A White Paper released by Reserve Bank of India(RBI), India’s Central Banking Institution, has disclosed that for the first time in the history of India, there is now a readily available single target for cybercriminals in the form of Aadhaar details. Aadhaar is a Unique Identity Number issued to all Indian based on their biometrics […]

Data Security concerns make Indian Government ban Chinese Mobiles and IT Products

Indian Government has decided to impose a ban on the sale of Chinese electronics and other IT products in its country due to data security concerns from November this year. Releasing a press report on this issue recently, the government of India has asked 21 smart phone, and 7 Security Camera makers to share the […]

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