China to teach a lesson to India through a Major Cyber Attack

After receiving a lot of flak from India and across the world over the recent border issue, the Chinese government seems to be planning of retaliating to the criticism with intense Cyber Warfare.


According to Times Now, a Singapore based Cybersecurity Firm named CyFirma is said to have issued an intense warning to all Indian top ministries, media houses, and firms about a possible ‘Phishing’ Cyber Attack launched by two Chinese hacking groups dubbed Gothic Panda and Stone Panda.


CyFirma concluded after it analyzed conversations on a Chinese hacking forum based in Mandarin and Cantonese languages. The analysis thus confirms that the government of China is planning to teach a lesson to India after the Galwan Valley Clash and the intention is to shut the critical infrastructure of the country via Cyber Attacks.


The Singaporean security firm mentioned in its report issued to Times Now that many media houses, government ministries, and major Indian companies which covered the Chinese indulgence in the Galwan Valley Clash in a negative way will be targeted at first and then attacks on rest, will follow.


And the report aired on Monday states that both the specified hacking groups have a special affiliation to the People’s Liberation Army.


India’s Cybersecurity Agency, the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), and the companies on the list of Chinese hackers were alerted by CyFirma about a possible cyberattack on Sunday last week.  


Note 1- From the past 7-8 months, the relationship between China and India has turned bitter as the latter began to criticize the former for the Corona Virus spread, and when the latter took up a campaign to boycott Chinese goods on Indian soil. As the criticism reached new levels last week to grab the International headlines, the Chinese government might be planning to take vengeance on India via Cyber attacks.


Note 2- Meanwhile, State Bank of India (SBI)which happens to be the largest public sector bank in the Indian Sub Continent has issued a warning to all its online customers that there is a strong chance for them to become a victim of a major phishing cyber attack shortly. So, the banking firm has formally urged its users to refrain from clicking on emails coming from email addresses such as ncov2019@gov dot in and having subject lines saying ‘Free COVID 19 Testing’.


Naveen Goud
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