BlackCat Ransomware targets Indian Military weapons maker and Yandex Data Breach

    BlackCat Ransomware has targeted an Indian firm that produces and supplies weaponry to military agencies across the subcontinent. And details are in that the hacking gang has now put the stolen data up for sale, as the victim failed to entertain their monetary demands.

    Solar Industries India Limited is the firm that became a victim of the BlackCat group and data breach and security firm CloudSEK has confirmed the incident as it has gathered confidential evidence to prove its stance.

    According to an update provided by CloudSEK researcher, the attack took place on the occasion of Republic Day of India, celebrated on January 26th of every year and cyber criminals stole about 2TB of data including that of a secret military information about an innovation filled weapons production.

    In another incident related to data leak, Yandex, the search engine giant of Russia has cleared the air that the information steal that is being reported in the media is false and added to its statement that a former employee tried to steal the source code last week by replacing the storage vault with some text related to offensive terminology.

    The company took the incident seriously and assured that none of its online services were affected by the insider threat.

    A security research named Arseniy Shestakov revealed some details about the hack and stated the information steal was related to some files dating back to February 2022, the month when the leader of the nation Vladimir Putin waged a war against his country’s neighboring nation Ukraine.

    Prima facie revealed that no personal data was leaked in the incident and information belonging to Git repositories was accessed by hackers.


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