BlackCat Ransomware targets Indian Military weapons maker and Yandex Data Breach

BlackCat Ransomware has targeted an Indian firm that produces and supplies weaponry to military agencies across the subcontinent. And details are in that the hacking gang has now put the stolen data up for sale, as the victim failed to entertain their monetary demands. Solar Industries India Limited is the firm that became a victim […]

Russia Yandex servers hit by DDoS Cyber Attack

A distributed denial of service attack has targeted Yandex, an internet company based in Russia. News is out that this was not the first time that the incident took place. It started in the first week of August and continued till the second week of this September. Cybersecurity Insiders learnt from its sources that the […]

Malware attack on Yandex Search engine of Russia by ‘Five Eyes’ Intelligence

Russian Internet Search Company ‘Yandex’ was cyber attacked by a malware named ‘Regin’ and the nation’s intelligence is pointing fingers at ‘Five Eyes’ Intelligence sharing alliance formed by Australia, New Zealand, Britain, United States, and Canada. Reuters which 1st shared the news piece with the world on Friday last week says that the attack was […]

Data Privacy concerns on Google Services surge up

Data Privacy concerns on Google services have surged up on a recent note as Russian internet users are taking help of social media and other media resources to deliberately prove that their Google Document files are going public by appearing in the results of various search engines. Yandex, the Russia based internet company has said […]

Russia launches cyber attack on Ukraine President website

Ukraine imposed economic restrictions on Russia’s largest internet group at the end of last week. And as retaliation to this gesture, Russia’s state-funded hackers launched a cyber-attack on Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko’s website on late Tuesday. The repercussions of the attack are yet to be known. The decision to impose restrictions on Russia’s Yandex led […]

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