Russia launches cyber attack on Ukraine President website

Ukraine imposed economic restrictions on Russia’s largest internet group at the end of last week. And as retaliation to this gesture, Russia’s state-funded hackers launched a cyber-attack on Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko’s website on late Tuesday. The repercussions of the attack are yet to be known.

The decision to impose restrictions on Russia’s Yandex led internet group was taken by Ukraine on Friday last week in order to guard the nation against Kremlin’s cyber threats.

And as per the latest reports published by Reuters, Russia’s president Vladimir Putin retaliated to the latest Ukraine’s economic restrictions by ordering his associates to launch an organization’s cyber attack on the presidential administration.

Early this year, Ukraine accused Russian hackers of launching cyber attacks on its power grids, banks, and other infrastructures. It also accused Russian hacking group Fancy Bear for launching ransomware related attacks on its military defenses.

Russia is notoriously known to snoop into the political activities of its enemy nations and this was proved by United States CIA when it gathered evidence against Russian interference in the US 2016 Polls which went in favor of Donald Trump.

Since Ukraine’s Kiev banned the operations of almost 400 Russian firms in its territory; the state-funded actors of Russia is said to have launched a cyber attack on Ukraine’s president.

On the other hand, Russian newspaper Kommersant published an article related to Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova just a couple of hours ago. She called the ban imposed by Kiev as a manifestation of politically motivated censorship. And added that the accusation slapped by Kiev that Russia was waging a cyber war against Ukraine are completely baseless.

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