Cyber Attack on Sweden Parliament just before Ukraine drone attack on Moscow Kremlin

Reports indicate that a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS) was launched on the IT infrastructure of the Swedish parliament, disrupting its website services to a significant extent. However, the IT teams were quick enough to digitally recover the website, which now loads slowly and is sometimes unreachable with an error. Unconfirmed sources suggest that the attack […]

Cyber attack on Norway Parliament and Russia Kremlin website down

Last year, in September Norway Parliament was hit by a cyber attack and the suspicion finger was raised at Russia as a press release from the spokesperson confirmed so in October 2020. After 6 months of attack, a fresh incident seems to have reportedly taken place on Monday this week as a parliament spokesperson says […]

What did hackers from Russia steal from British Corona Virus Labs

Russia has been launching Cyber Attacks on British Universities researching the vaccine to curb COVID 19 and this was confirmed by a post published in ‘Daily Mail’ last week. The newspaper also added in its post that hackers linked to Kremlin and Iran were behind the cyber attack campaign whose mere intention was to steal […]

Russian President puts ‘Patriotism’ Behind Cyber Attacks

Finally, the Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin admitted that the Patriotic Russians might have influenced the US Polls 2016 on their own initiative through cyber attacks. He, however, clarified that neither he nor his government has an influential hand behind the US 2016 Elections. Reacting to a query put forward at a media briefing, the […]

Russia launches cyber attack on Ukraine President website

Ukraine imposed economic restrictions on Russia’s largest internet group at the end of last week. And as retaliation to this gesture, Russia’s state-funded hackers launched a cyber-attack on Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko’s website on late Tuesday. The repercussions of the attack are yet to be known. The decision to impose restrictions on Russia’s Yandex led […]

Russian spies Cyber Attack France’s Presidential Probable Macron’s Campaign

Emmanuel Macron, who is all set to win France’s Presidential election was recently cyber attacked by Russian spies. As per our sources, his presidential campaign was intercepted by a hacking group named ‘Pawn Storm’ linked to Russia’s Military Intelligence Agency GRU. The hackers group launched a phishing campaign between March & April this year and […]

Russian Government denies involvement in Yahoo Hack!

Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has denied its involvement in hacking US based companies which include Yahoo. Kremlin (FSB) has reiterated the claim that two of Russian spies were involved in launching a massive hack on Yahoo web services which leaked info of more than 50 million accounts. “Our officers or the government is not […]

Did United States declare a Cyber War on Russia?

All these days we have witnessed a kind of hysteria in the US Media which reported that Russia was launching cyber attacks on Public and Private Businesses of America. The reports added that Russia was also found guilty in influencing the US 2016 polls which made the US Election results go in favor of US […]

Trump finally reacts on Cyber Attacks!

US President-Elect Donald Trump who is about to take his office on January 20th, 2017 has finally reacted on the issue of Cyber Attacks. He said that his government will set up a separate panel and give a 90-days time for them to come up with a detailed probe. This clearly suggests that the Real […]

France suspects Russia behind the 24000 Cyber Attacks!

Cyber Attack fear has gripped the nation of France to such an extent that it is planning to increase the number of its government-funded team of Cyber Warriors from 250 to 2,600 till 2019. France Television Channel TV5 Monde reported the above fact yesterday and also concluded that Russia was emerging as a prime suspect […]

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