Trump finally reacts on Cyber Attacks!

US President-Elect Donald Trump who is about to take his office on January 20th, 2017 has finally reacted on the issue of Cyber Attacks. He said that his government will set up a separate panel and give a 90-days time for them to come up with a detailed probe.

This clearly suggests that the Real Estate Mogul turned Politician has less or almost zero faith in the investigation carried out by the current US President Barack Obama’s government on Russia’s involvement in influencing recently concluded US Elections.

In November’16, US President Barack Obama ordered a detailed probe on the concluded US Polls of 2016. The government made this decision after media reports suggested that Russia launched cyber attacks on Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaigns to influence the elections in favor of Donald Trump.

By the end of December’16, FBI and CIA’s joint probe concluded that Russia’s Vladimir Putin’s was directly involved in the cyber attacks through Fancy Bear and said that he also paid trolls who deluged US voters with messages which eventually influenced in making Donald Trump the next US President.

Donald Trump has finally reacted on this issue and said that the investigation which proves Russia as guilty is perhaps a ‘political witch hunt’. He added that his new office will freshly look into this probe and if necessary will go for a review on it.

Moreover, the words from the future US president suggest that he is more interested in delocalizing digitalization move to a major extent. Means, he wants the government agencies to depend on manual courier services for passing critical information than computer networks- which is now a historically extinct practice.

In the meantime, a recent report from CNN and BuzzFeed suggests that since Russia has proof about Trump’s ‘unnatural S#$ual Acts’, Donald is being blackmailed to release all positive statements over Russia…….More details are awaited!

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Naveen Goud
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