US Elections 2016

Russia shrugs off White House Sanctions imposed in retaliation to its CyberAttack

Trump Administration on Thursday imposed sanctions on Russia for meddling in US 2016 Polls and for launching destructive cyber attack campaigns on Yahoo and attempted cyber attacks against the US Electrical Grid. Singling out Russia’s role in the NotPetya attack, a malware in disguise of ransomware, but capable of wiping out the encrypted data; the […]

Obama administration response to Russian Cyber Attack on US Elections 2016

All these days several media resources were seen accusing Trump administration of being silent on Russia’s election interference through cyber attacks. But did anyone think on what the former US President Barack Obama was doing at the time when the conspiracy to push the election results in favor of a specific US Presidential candidate was […]

Yahoo Cyber Attack accusal offers clues into Russian Interference on US Elections 2016

Yahoo Cyber Attack which shocked the entire tech world in 2016 is turning into an interesting saga, as the indictment is offering clues into Russian Interference on US Elections 2016. Readers of Cybersecurity Insiders have to learn a fact that a low profile prosecution on a 22-year old Canadian hacker is taking place in one […]

Russian Cyber Threat looms on future US Elections!

US Elections of 2016 were influenced by a Russian cyber army and this is now a fact from what Mr. Comey has disclosed to the world after he was fired by Donald Trump a few days ago. The probe which the past US President Barack Obama launched in December’16 also confirmed that a foreign nation […]

Russian President puts ‘Patriotism’ Behind Cyber Attacks

Finally, the Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin admitted that the Patriotic Russians might have influenced the US Polls 2016 on their own initiative through cyber attacks. He, however, clarified that neither he nor his government has an influential hand behind the US 2016 Elections. Reacting to a query put forward at a media briefing, the […]

McAfee proves that Russia used ‘Fake News’ to influence 2016 US Election voters

McAfee which released a recent report on security threats has confirmed that Russian hackers influenced the US 2016 Poll results by propelling fake news to distract and confuse voters. This led to the crowding of genuine information that could have better guided their decisions. Vincent Weafer, Vice President of McAfee Labs said that such incidents […]

Obama admin knew that the evidence of Russia cyber attacking US elections 2016 will be destroyed

The New York Times has published some astonishing facts in one of its latest political posts related to US polls 2016 being influenced by Russia. The renowned news resource clearly mentioned that some of the officials of Obama administration rushed to preserve intelligence of Russia Election Hacking in January this year. This clearly specifies that […]

Britain to carry out Cyber Attacks against Russia!

Britain’s Defense Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has said that his country will launch cyber attacks on Russia to retaliate the federal nation’s cyber subversion. Speaking to the media at St Andrews University in Scotland, Sir Michael Fallon asked Russia to stop cyber invasion on England and its NATO Allies. He warned that Russia has to […]

Trump finally reacts on Cyber Attacks!

US President-Elect Donald Trump who is about to take his office on January 20th, 2017 has finally reacted on the issue of Cyber Attacks. He said that his government will set up a separate panel and give a 90-days time for them to come up with a detailed probe. This clearly suggests that the Real […]

University of California gets $1.4 million funding to fight cyber attacks

University of California, San Diego has got a $1.4 million funding from The US Department of Homeland Security. The fund will be used to help scientists discover and invent better ways to spot internet vulnerabilities from Cyber attacks in advance. According to our sources, most of the funding will be used to model cyber attacks […]

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