Russia shrugs off White House Sanctions imposed in retaliation to its CyberAttack


Trump Administration on Thursday imposed sanctions on Russia for meddling in US 2016 Polls and for launching destructive cyber attack campaigns on Yahoo and attempted cyber attacks against the US Electrical Grid.

Singling out Russia’s role in the NotPetya attack, a malware in disguise of ransomware, but capable of wiping out the encrypted data; the United States attributed the attack to Russia, which caused billions of dollars damage to countries located in Europe, Asia and America- for example, Ukraine and London.

“Thus, from now on, Russia government officials and oligarchs (high profile people of Russia) will be severed from access to the US Financial system”, said Steven Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary.
All these days, Donald Trump led government said that the probe of Russia interfering and influencing the US polls 2016 was just a political witch-hunt.

But now, with US imposing latest sanctions on Russia, its almost proved that whatever FBI and CIA announced in January last year were completely true- about Russia tarnishing the image of the US President Probable Hillary Clinton and lifting up the image of the 45th US President Donald Trump in the 2016 US Elections.

Now, coming to the headline of this article, Russia, as usual, has shrugged off the sanctions imposed by Trump Administration. A spokesperson of Vladimir Putin has simply questioned the authenticity of allegations placed by the trump government and asked the White House to show valid evidence that Russia or any Russian government funded hacking group has meddled with US elections held in November 2016.

Note- Early this week, UK Prime Minister Theresa May also threatened to launch cyber attacks and impose sanctions on Russia in retaliation nerve agent attack on Sergei Skripal. As usual Russian President reacted to the news by asking for evidence which proves that Russia as guilty in the Salisbury Russian spy attack.

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