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Biden cancels $10billion cloud-computing contract awarded to Microsoft. 

Microsoft has lost a $10 billion worth cloud computing contract awarded to it by the Donald Trump government a couple of years ago. And the Biden Administration issued orders related to the cancellation at the end of last week, thus ending the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract issued to the Satya Nadella led a […]

Donald Trump’s Election Website hacked

Hackers suspected to be supporters of Joe Biden, reportedly hacked and defaced the website of Donald Trump for a brief period yesterday, after which the website was taken offline on a complete note from 7:20 to 7:50PM. Highly placed sources say that the hackers took control of the entire devices of President Trump and […]

Donald Trump Twitter account was not hacked by maga2020 password

Twitter, the social networking giant from America has disclosed that it doesn’t’ have any evidence that a dutch security researcher accessed Donald Trump’s Twitter account with a password ‘maga2020’ to post a satirical article from the Babylon Bee. From Tuesday this week, Victor Gevers the founder of GDI. Foundation which reveals data breaches to the […]

Donald Trump supporters be wary of this Emotet Trojan Malware

All those fans of US President Donald Trump, you better be aware of this Trojan malware that can target you at any moment. News is out that a banking Trojan lurking on the web is targeting the supporters of Trump and Mike Pence. Reports are in that the malware campaign was first sighted by Area […]

US Donald Trump takes claim of 2018 Cyber Attack on Russian Internet Research Agency IRA

In a much speculated interview given to Washington Post mid last week, the US President Donald Trump claimed that the 2018 Nation State Cyber Attack launched on the Russian Internet Research Agency (IRA) was done under his supervision and full knowledge. And security experts fear that the public admission of the 45TH US President can […]

Donald Trump United States to be hit with a major DDoS Cyber Attack

Well, this is just a speculation that is going amok on Twitter and other social media platforms and has attracted the attention of a lot of officials from White House early this week.   As soon as T-Mobile witnessed an outage in early June this year, many started to predict a potential Chinese Denial of […]

Russia to re-interfere in US 2020 Elections to favor Donald Trump

In the year 2016, there were N number of speculations that Russia was trying to influence the US 2016 Polls which were eventually won by the current President of United States Donald Trump.   Now, the news is out that the Intelligence officials have recently disclosed to the Congress that Russia might again interfere in […]

Donald Trump lashes out at User Privacy Policy of Apple Inc

US President Donald Trump has sarcastically lashed out Apple Inc’s Boss Tim Cook on Tuesday by claiming that the technology giant’s User Privacy Policy is blocking his vision of making ‘America Great’!   Tweeting his mind on the same, the 45th US President said that he was not happy for the non-cooperation shown by the […]

Texas and Las Vegas become victims to Iran Cyber Attacks

As the world is expecting a World War 3 by this month-end between Iran and North America, Garvin Bushell, Vice President of Cyber World Institute thinks that the war will happen not with guns and bullets, but only through cyberattacks causing more harm to the populace than expected.   In the meantime, the news is […]

Iran launched a cyber attack on US Website to retaliate Qasem Soleimani Assassination

It did not take much time for hackers from Iran to launch a cyber attack on a US website to retaliate against Qasem Soleimani’s Assassination. The killing of the Revolutionary Guard General on Friday made the Iran Cyber Security Group Hackers launch a digital attack on Saturday leading to the defacement of the US Government […]

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