Donald Trump lashes out at User Privacy Policy of Apple Inc


US President Donald Trump has sarcastically lashed out Apple Inc’s Boss Tim Cook on Tuesday by claiming that the technology giant’s User Privacy Policy is blocking his vision of making ‘America Great’!


Tweeting his mind on the same, the 45th US President said that he was not happy for the non-cooperation shown by the Apple authorities towards an FBI Investigation to unlock 2 iPhones used by a gunman in a deadly shooting massacre which happened at a naval base in Pensacola, Florida last year. He also stressed the fact that the iPhone maker was non-cooperating in unlocking phones used by drug dealers, killers, and other criminal elements.


While Apple claims that it’s doing its best in preserving its user’s privacy by not cooperating with the FBI, the law enforcement agency claims that this stubborn nature of the company- in the name of its policies has delayed in doing justice to the innocent.


It seems like Trump is going to impose heavy tariffs on Apple for importing goods from China for its non-cooperation. However, Apple CEO Tim Cook is doing everything in staying in the good books of Trump as any tariff imposes at this juncture will force the company to hike the price of its devices which might hit its sales on a bitter note in 2020.


On many occasions, Apple CEO has stressed the fact that his company abides by the fact of encrypting its user data to the core to keep its users from any kind of privacy concerns at home and abroad.


Reacting to this news, Trump said that his nation has helped Apple on many occasions, referring to White House exemption from planned tariffs on goods imported from China by Apple. But he added that it is the other way round when its pay-back time.


Note- Trade analysts say that the demand for Apple devices might fall by 8% to 10% if Trump imposes a 15% tariff hike on Apple- all due to the price increase of the device.


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