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McAfee proves that Russia used ‘Fake News’ to influence 2016 US Election voters

McAfee which released a recent report on security threats has confirmed that Russian hackers influenced the US 2016 Poll results by propelling fake news to distract and confuse voters. This led to the crowding of genuine information that could have better guided their decisions. Vincent Weafer, Vice President of McAfee Labs said that such incidents […]

Cyber Attack on US Trade Group before Trump-Xi Trade Summit

Chinese Hackers launched a cyber attack on US Trade Group just before the Trump-Xi Trade summit of Thursday. And as per the report published by cyber security firm Fidelis, the Chinese APT10 hacking group is responsible for this hack. According to the technical details available with Cybersecurity Insiders, APT10 succeeded in implanting a piece of […]

North Korea missile test foiled by US Cyber Attacks

Cyber Attacks launched by the United States have succeeded in thwarting North Korea’s missile test made on Wednesday- all a part of a program to sabotage North Korea’s dark intentions of strengthening its nuclear power. As per our sources, the in-flight failure and the crash of missile due to a technical snag confirm that the […]

North Korea Cyber Attacking banks around the world to fund its nuclear program

Researchers from Kaspersky Lab claimed that North Korea is launching cyber attacks on Banks around the world in order to fund its Nuclear Program. The cyber security firm added that it has enough digital evidence to prove that N Korea was involved in last Year’s cyber heist of $81 million siphoned from the account of […]

Putin denies US Election 2016 hack and said CIA can mask its own Cyber Attacks

Russian President Vladimir Putin denied claims that his nation interfered in US Elections 2016 and added that CIA has the potential to mask its own cyber attacks and frame nations like China, Russia, and North Korea for doing so. Putin added that the claims of interference were purely fictional, illusory and provocative lies framed by […]

Chinese investment in cyber security startups worries Pentagon

The United States Department of Defense, shortly known as Pentagon is extremely worried about growing investments from Chinese firms on startups related to cyber security and military defense. As per a New York Times reports, firms based in China are showing a lot of enthusiasm in investing in American startups, which includes rocket engine manufacturers, […]

Why state-sponsored actors launch cyber attacks?

Eric O’Neill, the former CIA operative recently shared his thought on why some countries are super-interested in launching cyber attacks on other nation’s critical infrastructure. As cyber espionage and cyber terrorism have emerged as the most critical threats to public and private sectors in the United States and the United Kingdom, let’s hope that his […]

Donald Trump orders for cyber attacks on North Korean nuclear testing

Donald Trump seems to have inherited the legacy of former US President Barack Obama as he has asked his officials to step up their cyber and electronic strikes against North Korea’ nuclear test launches. From 2012, Barack Obama was not impressed with the way United States missile defense systems were being prepared. Perhaps his thinking […]

Obama admin knew that the evidence of Russia cyber attacking US elections 2016 will be destroyed

The New York Times has published some astonishing facts in one of its latest political posts related to US polls 2016 being influenced by Russia. The renowned news resource clearly mentioned that some of the officials of Obama administration rushed to preserve intelligence of Russia Election Hacking in January this year. This clearly specifies that […]

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