Obama admin knew that the evidence of Russia cyber attacking US elections 2016 will be destroyed


The New York Times has published some astonishing facts in one of its latest political posts related to US polls 2016 being influenced by Russia. The renowned news resource clearly mentioned that some of the officials of Obama administration rushed to preserve intelligence of Russia Election Hacking in January this year.

This clearly specifies that the staff of the former US President feared that the new government will try its best to destroy evidence which proves that Russia manipulated the results of US elections held last year by launching cyber attacks on some probable of president-elects.

For this reason, they smartly preserved all the evidence to leave a clear trail of intelligence for government investigators on this issue for now and in near future.

In December 2016, FBI and CIA jointly conducted a probe and declared that Russia made efforts to undermine the presidential election with the help of some officials related to President- elect Trump. CIA even went ahead and said that some possible contacts between associates of President-elect Donald Trump and Russians led to the server hack of Hillary Clinton.

On an additional note, both the law enforcement agencies stressed out on the fact that some officials of Russian President Vladimir Putin and some highly regarded officials of Trump had meetings in almost three European cities in 2015 and early 2016 to plan for the next. Eventually, all these meetings led to a conspiracy drove server attack made on Hillary Clinton which leaked some sensitive secrets of her political dreams.

Then CIA and FBI made a media announcement on January 5th, 2017 saying that they have full evidence which proves Donald Trump’s staff members guilty in this whole issue.

Note- The investigation made by the US law enforcement agencies was supported by officials from British and Dutch governments as they are known to be American allies.

FBI admitted that the media reports which suggested that US Attorney General Jeff Sessions met Russian Ambassador, Sergey I and Ambassador Kisylak in Europe were true.

But Mr. Sessions said in a statement given on late Wednesday that he never discussed anything related to US Politics or federal secrets with the Russian Officials during his meeting with Sergey I.

Moreover, Trump government said that their staff members were unnecessarily being pulled into a controversy to create a kind of political instability in the whole of United States.

When Obama was in the presidential chair, one of his top secret agents alerted him about the evidence being destroyed by the new government. For this reason, the officials of the White House acted smartly by preserving the evidence proving Russian interference in United States polls which were held on November 8th of last year.

Sean Spice, the spokesperson of Trump and White House gave a media briefing this morning and said that all this matter created by Obama administration is just a false narrative to make an excuse for the election defeat.

Officials from Trump Tower ( from where most of the Donald Trump’s administration runs) responded that the story created by NY Times was just a false derivative created by a cynic mind. The authorities added that we should now move on from the elections and start focusing on creating policies which will make “America greatest forever”.

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