Russia and China intend to become world leaders in IT, Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence

The latest meeting that took place between two powerful leaders of the world has given the world the hint that both these leaders intend to rule the fields related to Information Technology, Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence in the near future. Yes, a joint statement released after the strategic meeting between Xi Jinping and Vladimir […]

Google confirms Russian cyber-attacks on Ukraine

After two days in this month, the war between Ukraine and Russian will enter its second year after completing one full year. And to make things worse, the Putin led nation is also found launching digital attacks simultaneously on the critical infrastructure of Ukraine for the past six months. Google, the internet giant of the […]

US and UK governments issue sanctions on 7 Russians spreading ransomware

For the first time in the history of law, 7 cyber criminals, apparently linked to Russian Intelligence, were slapped with sanctions. Additionally, the real world names, email address, photos and DoBs were also released to the press, to tarnish their image on an international note, thus making them eligible to be slapped with travel bans […]

Russia starts cyber attacks on the West with Germany for supporting Ukraine

Russia launched a war on Ukraine, its neighboring country, on February 24th of the year 2022. And still the Zelenskyy led nation hasn’t surrendered to Moscow, all because of the extreme support from the west, regarding arms & ammunition, essentials and, of course, funds. As the war is fast approaching the one year long milestone, […]

Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

Foremost is the cyber attack that hit a third party IT service provider that operates most of the websites of government agencies related to New Zealand. And the most affected among them were the health services. Cybersecurity Insiders has learnt from its sources that Te Whatu Ora-health New Zealand was targeted by threat actors resulting […]

Russia stole the passwords of 50 million users

For the past seven to eight months, we have been constantly reading or listening to Russia’s negative involvement in cybersecurity. Now, the latest that has been published by Group-IB claims Moscow’s involvement in the password stealing of over 50 million users. Yes, according to a report compiled after analyzing over 34 telegram groups’ involvement in […]

Russian Cyberwar targeted 42 countries that support Ukraine

Russian war with Ukraine seems to be never ending and news is now out that state sponsored threat actors have targeted about 42 countries and 128 government agencies so far that were supporting Kyiv with essentials, ammunition and finances. United States along with the UK are urging Zelensky to conduct a dialog with Putin for […]

Russian Cyber Attack acts as a wake-up call for Commercial Satellite Operators

Russia launched a cyber attack on a private satellite operator called KA-SAT Network, just after it started an invasion of Ukraine 8 months ago. Though the attack disrupted thousands of routers across the Zelensky led nation, it did some good as many commercial firms offering satellite-based services treated this attack as a wake-up call to […]

Now Russia and China companies face data breaches

Russian streaming platform ‘START’ has admitted that a portion of data from its 2021 database was stolen by hackers, who are now distributing some samples to affirm their claims. START has acknowledged the cyber attack that could have led to the leak of info such as email ids, usernames and phone numbers. The only good […]

Russia launched DDoS attack on Ukraine Nuclear Plant

Ukraine Nuclear Plant was targeted by a DDoS cyber attack launched by a group of cyber hackers. And details are in that the digital assault was launched by the Kremlin-funded ‘People’s Cyber Army’. Getting deep into the details, Ukraine’s Energoatom has released a press statement dismissing rumors that the whole of its power plant was […]

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