Russia to end cyber-attacks on Ukraine after talks with the West

Russia has been waging a war on Ukraine for the past 7 months and neither of the both parties seem to be interested in solving the issue through a dialogue. But according to a western newspaper, The Mirror, a senior Russian diplomat, who is closely associated with Vladimir Putin, seems to have sought western help […]

Russia launching wiper malware cyber attacks against Ukraine

After almost 6 months of war with Ukraine, Russia seems to have hit it digitally and so is reportedly launching wiper cyber attacks that could clean off data on the targeted computers on a permanent note. Revealing the same at the Black Hat USA 2022 Security conference, Thomas Hegel and Juan Andres Guerrero, both working […]

Russia Killnet hackers launch a cyber attack on US Lockheed Martin

Killnet Hacking group in Russia has launched a sophisticated cyber attack on arms supplier Lockheed Martin of America. And the news is out that the threat actors infiltrated the network of the supplier of M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) as is continuously supplying arms and ammunition to Ukraine on request from the Biden […]

Microsoft stops Windows 10 and 11 updates in Russia

Russia might soon start facing a lot of cyber troubles as most of the computers operating in the region are not been able to grasp updates, as the technology giant from America has chosen to skip up the entire region from now on, regarding software patches. In March 2022, as soon as Russian started an […]

Russia Ukraine War ejects cyber attack concerns in the Britain

After the cyber attack on the British Army’s Twitter and YouTube feed, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has issued a warning against Russian hacking efforts on National Infrastructure. The cyber arm of GCHQ is urging organizations to give regular breaks to the frontline cyber workforce to recharge, as the work pressure will quadruple in […]

Russia warned the West against cyber attacks and threatened direct military warfare

Russia is saying that western nations like the United States and the UK are launching cyber attacks on its critical infrastructure in the name of “Glory of Ukraine”. The Putin-led nation warned about direct military warfare if the west doesn’t tone down its acts, as it might lead to serious consequences. As soon as Vladimir […]

Russian Construction and Housing website hacked for war on Ukraine

Russia started a war in Ukraine in the early hours of February 24th,2022, and even after 100 days of the invasion, the country could not get a complete hold of the entire region. On one hand, Putin’s led nation is facing a fund, ammunition, and manpower crunch on the other, it is also facing cyber […]

Russia to the cyber-attack United States with the help of its Ransomware gangs

We all know that half of the ransomware gangs that are operating in the wild are from Russia or are being financially backed by Kremlin. So, after analyzing the current situation in the cyber landscape, the FBI has concluded that the Putin-led government is all set to the cyber-attack United States pretty soon! It is […]

Britain hospitals to be cyber attacked by Russian Sleeper cells

Dr. Melanie Garson, an international security specialist working for the University College of London, expressed her deep concerns about national security while interacting with a news web resource. She said that hospital infrastructure was on the verge of being cyber-attacked by Russian sleeper cells, whose aim is to disrupt the healthcare infrastructure and to create […]

Russian Ransomware hackers getting frustrated by sanctions

As soon as Russia waged a war on Ukraine, the entire world led by the United States termed it as a war on innocent and pressed sanctions on the Putin led nation, to pressurize him in stopping the war. But Vladimir Putin was adamant about his Ukraine invasion and intensified the war to take control […]

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