Russian cyber forces cyber attack water tower just to make it overflow

A group known as the Cyber Army of Russia Reborn (CARR) has issued a stark warning, asserting its capability to breach United States water facilities and unleash chaos. This ominous declaration was accompanied by details shared on Telegram, showcasing their control over a water tower that resulted in overflow. Located in Muleshoe, a US drinking […]

Russia bans Microsoft followed by Amazon and Google

Russia implemented a sweeping ban on Microsoft Cloud services on March 20th, with plans to extend the prohibition to Google and Amazon web services in the coming weeks. While security analysts cite national security concerns as the primary motive, trade experts suggest it’s a retaliatory measure against sanctions imposed on the country on December 18, […]

Cyber Attack on Louisiana Vehicle Owners data and Royal Family Website crash by Russia

Louisiana vehicle owners’ data was leaked in a massive cyber-attack A massive cyber-attack has exposed the personal data of Louisiana vehicle owners, marking what appears to be the largest breach in the history of the U.S. automotive industry. According to a report in The Guardian, Clop Ransomware hackers gained access to the data of over […]

Criminals hack radio commands to stop Poland Trains

Over the past 48 hours, media outlets have been abuzz with reports of Russian cyber-attacks targeting government websites. However, what remains shrouded in relative obscurity is a puzzling incident involving more than 20 passenger trains being abruptly immobilized, sparking public unease. According to verified sources, a seemingly straightforward radio signal effectively halted all railway operations, […]

Russia issues ban on Apple iPhone for security reasons

Russia has issued a ban on the usage of Apple iPhones in government and military sector until further orders. The ban is only applicable to the federal organizations and doesn’t imply to the civilians. The move was anticipated long before as Putin led government suspects that Apple is supporting the Biden administration by conducting espionage […]

Putin false prey to Deepfake Cyber Attack

A hacker group, potentially associated with the Ukrainian government, allegedly took control of radio and TV broadcasts, using them to transmit a falsified message attributed to Russian President Putin. The fabricated message claimed that the Kremlin planned to impose martial law along the Ukrainian borders, significantly reducing the civil liberties of the population. Coinciding with […]

Cyber Attack on Sweden Parliament just before Ukraine drone attack on Moscow Kremlin

Reports indicate that a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS) was launched on the IT infrastructure of the Swedish parliament, disrupting its website services to a significant extent. However, the IT teams were quick enough to digitally recover the website, which now loads slowly and is sometimes unreachable with an error. Unconfirmed sources suggest that the attack […]

Over 25 billion email address and phone numbers available on dark web and Putin hacking British Power Network

Precisely speaking, the heading is related to two different articles with different stories. The first one goes as follows: According to a study conducted by Digital Shadows Photon research team, and their report dubbed “Account Takeover in 2022,” about 25 billion email addresses and phone numbers, along with an equivalent number of credit card details […]

Russia and China intend to become world leaders in IT, Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence

The latest meeting that took place between two powerful leaders of the world has given the world the hint that both these leaders intend to rule the fields related to Information Technology, Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence in the near future. Yes, a joint statement released after the strategic meeting between Xi Jinping and Vladimir […]

Google confirms Russian cyber-attacks on Ukraine

After two days in this month, the war between Ukraine and Russian will enter its second year after completing one full year. And to make things worse, the Putin led nation is also found launching digital attacks simultaneously on the critical infrastructure of Ukraine for the past six months. Google, the internet giant of the […]

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