Russian Cyber Threat on US Deteriorates due to Silver

All these days we have seen White House accusing Russian Intelligence for launching cyber attacks on the critical infrastructure of United States. And to a certain extent, most of the allegations proved as facts and the SolarWinds hack seems to be the best example to prove it. On Sunday last week, United States Homeland Security […]

Is Russia acting as safe harbor for ransomware spreading criminals

Russia seems to act as a safe harbor for ransomware spreading criminals and this is being said in an article posted by the Associated Press in Seattle Times. The article stresses on the fact that Russian Intelligence agencies are employing cyber criminals and are shielding them from prosecution by foreign nations. It’s obvious that ransomware […]

Cyber attack on Norway Parliament and Russia Kremlin website down

Last year, in September Norway Parliament was hit by a cyber attack and the suspicion finger was raised at Russia as a press release from the spokesperson confirmed so in October 2020. After 6 months of attack, a fresh incident seems to have reportedly taken place on Monday this week as a parliament spokesperson says […]

SolarWinds hack might trigger Cyber Attack on Russia says intelligence

Russian intelligence from Kremlin has warned that the public and private companies operating in their country are at a major risk of facing a massive cyber attack soon. The nation has warned that United States could launch the attack in retaliation to the SolarWinds scandal, aka SolarGate. It has to be notified that Russian intelligence […]

Laptops supplied to children in UK are filled with Russian Malware

The laptops that are being supplied to the children in schools operating in Bradford, Lincolnshire, and Wolverhampton are reported to be filled with Russian malware. The issue was confirmed by the school teachers of the respective schools, who added that the PCs were likely contacting the servers operating in the nation led by Vladimir Putin. […]

Russian data hack saga on SolarWinds seems to be a never-ending story

A new story is emerging day by day when it comes to the data hack of SolarWinds. And according to the latest update provided from a resource of Microsoft, the source code of certain Microsoft Products was accessed by hackers in Orion platform related supply chain cyber attack. Although Microsoft claims that the latest hack […]

Russian businesses lose $49 billion to Cyber Attacks

Till date we have seen news posts regarding Russian intelligence launching cyber attacks on the West. But Sberbank, a largest money lender in Russian Federation, has released a report that claims that the loss incurred by Russian companies because of cyber attacks in 2020 was 3.6 trillion rubles or $49 billion in international currency. In […]

Russia celebrates 100th anniversary for Cyber Attacks

Vladimir Putin, the Russian President who is likely going to step down from his designation in Feb 2021 (because of health reasons) has congratulated the SVR, Russian Foreign Intelligence Service for completing its 100th anniversary on Sunday and urged them to focus more on Information Security. The president also lauded the Moscow based SVR for […]

GCHQ launched Cyber Attack on Russia Anti-Vaccine campaign

It is a known fact that some hacking groups, probably funded by the Russian Government were immensely seen targeting the development of Oxford Vaccine with monkey memes and much disinformation. As the scientists from UK are close to finding a vaccine to block the spread of COVID-19 spread, Russian TV programme- Vesti News was seen […]

Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

Bangladesh based hacking group “ Cyber 71” reportedly admitted that it had targeted almost 10 French websites with cyber attacks and will continue to hit the west in coming weeks as well. Cyber 71 hackers say that the operation to disrupt the French websites( nearly 50-70 of them) on a digital note were launched in […]

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