Criminals hack radio commands to stop Poland Trains


Over the past 48 hours, media outlets have been abuzz with reports of Russian cyber-attacks targeting government websites. However, what remains shrouded in relative obscurity is a puzzling incident involving more than 20 passenger trains being abruptly immobilized, sparking public unease.

According to verified sources, a seemingly straightforward radio signal effectively halted all railway operations, unveiling a previously undisclosed hack that triggered the emergency stop mechanism.

Delving deeper, it emerges that all train services operating within Poland and globally are equipped with an emergency stop feature that can be initiated via a remote radio command originating from a nearby transit station. Yet, it’s important to note that specialized equipment is required to enact such commands, as these actions are carried out under meticulous technical oversight.

However, malevolent cyber actors have managed to seize control of the command station using an easily accessible $30 device obtainable online with just a single click. This device is capable of emitting three VHF tones at the frequency of 150.100 megahertz.

Authorities from Polish Intelligence divulge that these hackers harnessed this equipment to forcibly halt both freight and passenger trains on the 25th and 26th of August this year.

Compounding the intrigue, the compromised control servers were overtaken by a Russian national anthem and snippets from Vladimir Putin’s speeches. This conspicuous turn of events has incited suspicions that point towards Moscow and its associated Kremlin intelligence.

Given that Poland’s railway infrastructure plays a pivotal role in supplying essential resources and military equipment to Ukraine, it is plausible that Russia may have directed these rail-based cyber assaults at the NATO-affiliated nation. Such calculated attacks have disrupted the transit networks significantly and triggered concerns that could potentially destabilize the Polish government as a whole.

Acknowledging the gravity of the situation, Poland’s National Transportation Agency has pledged to enhance the communication systems and digital networks of its transit systems by the year 2025.

Naveen Goud
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