Criminals hack radio commands to stop Poland Trains

Over the past 48 hours, media outlets have been abuzz with reports of Russian cyber-attacks targeting government websites. However, what remains shrouded in relative obscurity is a puzzling incident involving more than 20 passenger trains being abruptly immobilized, sparking public unease. According to verified sources, a seemingly straightforward radio signal effectively halted all railway operations, […]

Microsoft issues warning against Ransomware attack on Poland, Ukraine and Bulgaria

Microsoft’s Threat Intelligence Centre (MSTIC) has issued an alert to organizations operating in Ukraine, Poland and Bulgaria against a ransomware campaign that’s functioning with an aim to either wipe data off the target or to encrypt it until a ransom is paid. Interestingly, the campaign starts after stealing of Active Director admin account credentials and […]

Poland drops Gene Project over Chinese Data Security concerns

Poland has taken a stringent decision by dropping a Chinese firm from leading its gene mapping project, and this news piece was published in renowned US news resource Reuters. When sources from Cybersecurity Insiders tried to dig into the facts, all that was reported was confirmed to be a fact to a certain extent. Going […]

Hackers spreading fake news to induce fight between the US and Poland

According to Lt. General Chris G Cavoli of the United States, some polish websites came under the influence of cyberattacks aimed at Damaging Poland’s military alliance with North America. Gen. Cavoli said that the servers of national and regional polish websites were being influenced by some state-funded hackers who were trying to spread misinformation by […]

Poland puts a ban on Huawei after arresting a Cybersecurity expert

Finally, Poland has joined the list of countries which have imposed a ban on the usage of Huawei devices and services in their region. This development took place after the law enforcement authorities of the said nation arrested the director of the Chinese tech giant and one of their own, but former cybersecurity experts for […]

Polish Cops arrest the author of Polski, Vortex and Flotera Ransomware

Law enforcement of Poland arrested the ransomware author of Polski, Vortex and Flotera malware variants on Wednesday(March 14th, 2018) last week and seized computer equipment containing several encryption keys. Tomasz T is the name of the arrested cyber criminal from Poland living in Belgium and was an internationally wanted criminal facing 181 different charges. A […]

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