Poland puts a ban on Huawei after arresting a Cybersecurity expert

Finally, Poland has joined the list of countries which have imposed a ban on the usage of Huawei devices and services in their region. This development took place after the law enforcement authorities of the said nation arrested the director of the Chinese tech giant and one of their own, but former cybersecurity experts for spying and transmitting classical documents to Chinese intelligence.

So, based on the charges of espionage and some pressure put forward by US government, Huawei which happens to be the world’s biggest manufacturer of telecommunication network equipment might from now on not be able to do sales in Poland due to data security concerns.

As per the highly placed sources reporting to our Cybersecurity Insiders, Poland’s Internal Security Agency arrested two individuals last week- one a Chinese citizen named ‘Weijing Wan’ who worked as an former envoy in Poland who moved up to a top position at Huawei and one a polish citizen named ‘Piotr D’ who retired on health grounds recently after holding up several cybersecurity-related posts in the government administration of Poland.

After searching the Huawei offices located in Warsaw and Orange, and collecting various electronic documents and data, the two men were said to be arrested after getting the permission from the top government official of Poland last week.

It’s a fact that Europe and the United States are two countries which are in an eager to roll out 5G network plans in the next two years as the new communication spectrum offers a bouquet of benefits along with utmost network security.

Huawei was the only Chinese company which was contending for the post of top equipment supplier to the United States and the UK till early 2017.

But after gathering evidence from the FBI and CIA the 45th US president Donald Trump imposed a ban on the usage of Huawei equipment in all government agencies operating in the United States. Then Australia, Japan, New Zealand, UK and now Poland are found to be following the footsteps of Trump administration on this note.

Naveen Goud
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