Poland puts a ban on Huawei after arresting a Cybersecurity expert

Finally, Poland has joined the list of countries which have imposed a ban on the usage of Huawei devices and services in their region. This development took place after the law enforcement authorities of the said nation arrested the director of the Chinese tech giant and one of their own, but former cybersecurity experts for […]

New Zealand bans Huawei 5G equipment due to Espionage fears

After US and Australia, New Zealand happens to be the latest country to ban Huawei from entering its country and upgrading its mobile network to 5G. Reports are in that the Mobile Company Spark was intending to use Huawei equipment to offer 5G services in the country located in Southwestern Pacific Ocean. But the government […]

Trump might start his own Internet

US President Donald Trump has expressed his desire to start his own ‘World Wide Web’ network to counter misinformation (according to him) or fake news spread by CNN on International Level. Mr. Trump expressed his desire to do so via Twitter on Monday which goes on as follows- CNN has a powerful voice portraying the […]

US is yet to sign the Internet Security accord of ‘Paris Call’

France President Emmanuel Macron has urged all nations around the globe to support “Paris Call” which is supposed to be a common framework for ensuring internet security, following a surge in cyber attacks on government networks around the globe.The objective of the proposed agreement is to relaunch negotiations on the code of good conduct which […]

After Facebook Twitter gets entangled in Cambridge Analytica data scandal

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook has made it official early this month that his company did share details of its 87 million US users with British Political Consulting Firm Cambridge Analytica. He also testified his statement before the Congress and added that he and his company will from now on follow strict rules when […]

White House bans employees from using Mobile Phones!

From Friday this week( Jan 5th,2017), all employees of the White House, including the C-level will be banned from using personal mobile phones at work. A move which is being strongly condemned by the officials as it could prevent them from being in contact with their children and other relatives trying to reach them during […]

DHS hacks into Trumps Airplane triggering a Cyber Threat alert!

All these days we witnessed hackers cyber attacking IT assets of small and big companies. But can anyone imagine cyber crooks hacking an airliner and taking the cockpit controls into their hands? And what if the jet airliner belongs to the 45th American President Donald Trump? Yes, you’ve read it right! The Department of Homeland […]

Trump Administration formulates new laws for disclosing Cyber Security Flaws

US President Donald Trump’s administration has formulated new laws for disclosing cybersecurity flaws or to keep them as secret. The newly designed laws which are now reflecting on website are intended to shed light on the process for how various federal agencies will have to face consequences for keeping cyber flaws as a secret. […]

Russia cyber attacked 195 Trump Web Addresses!

The Associated Press (AP), an American nonprofit news agency of New York has disclosed that more than 195 Trump Web addresses were cyber attacked by a group of hackers from Russia almost 4 years ago. And almost all of them were repaired by the trump’s web admin staff in the last week of October 2017. […]

Trump Chief of Staff John Kelly phone hacked by Foreign Government

In a major concern to the United States cybersecurity, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly’s phone is said to have been hacked by some state-funded actors in December last year. The official was unaware of this cyber activity until September of 2017 when he turned out for help to White House tech support for […]

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