Russia cyber attacked 195 Trump Web Addresses!

The Associated Press (AP), an American nonprofit news agency of New York has disclosed that more than 195 Trump Web addresses were cyber attacked by a group of hackers from Russia almost 4 years ago. And almost all of them were repaired by the trump’s web admin staff in the last week of October 2017.

Media Giant AP reports that after the hack, computer users who visited the Trump-related addresses were diverted to servers in St. Petersburg, Russia. However, the news resource is unsure whether the hackers are the same ones who stole the emails of Democratic Party and embarrassed it with news stories which eventually led to the defeat of Hillary Clinton in US 2016 Polls.

AP’s fresh discovery represents a new twist in the Russian hacking story of US 2016 Elections and almost confirms the interference of the Putin’s nation in the elections of America.

The affected addresses include,, and

A source on the condition of anonymity reports to Cybersecurity Insiders that the web addresses owned by Trump were compromised in 2 waves of attacks in August and September 2013. The name of renowned company which sells such addresses is also being dragged into the controversy. Source adds that the domain name provider was subjected to phishing attacks and this led to the leak of the 195 web addresses of Trump.

Donald Trump organization is said to have corrected most of the web addresses very recently and admitted that some of its domains did divert some website visitors to the servers operating from Russia.

Nick Fuller, the official spokesperson of denied this news as false and said that there were no breaches in his company’s systems in 2013 as it has utmost security measures in place to monitor any fraudulent activity.

Paul Vixie, the CEO of California based Cybersecurity firm Farsight Security Inc. says that hackers could have targeted Trump’s websites to gather info on his business dealings and on his family’s business secrets. Paul added that critical info like tax filing details and revenue numbers could have been compromised in the attack.

Naveen Goud
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