District of Taylor to invest $20,000 to up its website’s Cybersecurity defenses

District of Taylor based in Detroit of US State of Michigan is all set to invest $20,000 to beef its official website as per the latest Cybersecurity standards. The decision was taken after the website fell prey to a cyberattack on May 13th of last month when hackers targeted the website users with a link-jacking […]

Malware being distributed through NHS Fake website says Kaspersky

Cybersecurity researchers from Kaspersky have discovered that a fake NHS website is being used by hackers to distribute malware. And the news is out that already the fake website has been accessed by thousands of online users seeking online help and advice related to Corona Virus.   Going deep into the details, Kaspersky researchers say […]

Cybersecurity warning for millions of websites

According to a security report released by BBC, millions of websites might face a risk of insecurity from March 4th,2020 due to a bug found in the digital certificates utilized to secure their access.   It is estimated that over 3 million websites will be on the verge of “loss of trust” as all its […]

Apple offers a website to curb data privacy concerns among its users

Apple Inc. which has always adhered in respecting the privacy of its users has now launched a website which allows its users to track down the data collected by the iPhone maker so far. On Wednesday, the iPhone giant launched a website with the URL “privacy dot Apple dot com” which allows its users to […]

Russia cyber attacked 195 Trump Web Addresses!

The Associated Press (AP), an American nonprofit news agency of New York has disclosed that more than 195 Trump Web addresses were cyber attacked by a group of hackers from Russia almost 4 years ago. And almost all of them were repaired by the trump’s web admin staff in the last week of October 2017. […]

Equifax suffers another cyber attack and so decides to pull down its Webpage!

Equifax which suffered another cyber attack early this morning has pulled out its webpage offline on a temporary note. Security teams who are investigating on this matter have confirmed to the media that the credit reporting company’s website was under the control of the hackers since last week which could have led to another data […]

T Mobile website vulnerability exposes personal info of 76 million users to hackers

A major flaw on the website of T-Mobile could have exposed personal data of more than 76 million of customers to hackers. And security experts say that all such information can be used in social engineering attacks to commandeer a user’s line or even worse. The flaw was discovered by Karan Saini who works for […]

Google launches ‘Startup with Google’ website!

Google has made it official that it is going to encourage startups by offering a centralized database to make it easier for those getting into business to find related tools. In simple terms, Google is offering a new ‘Startup with Google’ website which is aimed to provide info and resources to those who are about […]

ISIS launches cyber attack on State websites of United States

Hackers from Pro-Islamic State have launched a cyber attack on the 11 government websites of Ohio State on Sunday last week. The attack objective was to replace the homepage of the websites with anti- Donald Trump messages. The government web pages which were replaced by defamatory messages include that of Ohio State Governor John Kasich. […]

United States FTC starts a new website to train SMBs on how to avoid Cyber Attacks

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has started a new website for SMBs with an objective to help small businesses avoid cyber attacks. Based on the inputs of the acting Chairman Maureen Ohlhausen, the website was started to host articles, videos, and other info aimed to educate owners of small businesses to avoid scams and protect […]

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