Equifax suffers another cyber attack and so decides to pull down its Webpage!

Equifax which suffered another cyber attack early this morning has pulled out its webpage offline on a temporary note. Security teams who are investigating on this matter have confirmed to the media that the credit reporting company’s website was under the control of the hackers since last week which could have led to another data breach.

According to Reuters, the hackers were trying to trick visitors into installing Adobe Flash updates that could have infected computers with malware. The news posts added that some or more of the Equifax customers might have fallen prey to the fresh spell of cyber attack.

However, a spokesperson from Equifax has turned up an hour ago to disclose that no data was compromised in the fresh spell of cyber attack and the website pull-off was a part of precautionary security measure.

For those who have logged onto the website, a message pop-up is clearly visible on the homepage disclosing some details of ‘Equifax Cybersecurity Incident’. If we click on the pop-up, the homepage opens up a new tab which opens up the details of the cybersecurity incident which happened in July this year. The details of the incident and a report on the forensic investigation launched on the security incident are available on the webpage in precise form.

Note- The United States largest Consumer Credit Agency released a press statement on September 7th, 2017 saying that it has become a victim of a major cyber attack which occurred on July 29th of this year. The agency admitted that the attack could have led to a data breach of more than 143 million accounts. And as a result of this attack,  Richard Smith the CEO of the company stepped down and also agreed to let go his annual bonus of this year. The Senate Banking Committee is also grilling the former CEO on this issue and is said to pronounce his future by November this year.

So, at this juncture, the latest security incident has not only shaken Equifax and its staff, but also the entire tech world.

More details are awaited!

Naveen Goud
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