SSDs or Flash drives might save victims from Ransomware Attacks

When a ransomware attack takes place on a database all the files are encrypted making it inaccessible for the victim to read, modify or write them. This prolongs until the victim pays a demanded ransom in cryptocurrency to the ransomware author or the spreading agent. Although companies and cybersecurity firms are constantly busy in releasing […]

Hackers launch Global Cyber Attacks by exploiting Adobe Flash Software

Adobe Systems Inc. has issued a public statement on Monday saying that hackers are exploiting a vulnerability in its Flash Multimedia software platform to launch cyber attacks. So, the company is requesting its users to quickly patch their systems to prevent such attacks and avoid embarrassment. The alert was issued by Adobe as soon as […]

Equifax suffers another cyber attack and so decides to pull down its Webpage!

Equifax which suffered another cyber attack early this morning has pulled out its webpage offline on a temporary note. Security teams who are investigating on this matter have confirmed to the media that the credit reporting company’s website was under the control of the hackers since last week which could have led to another data […]

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