Equifax Data Breach Settlement of $20,000 per Victim

In the year 2017, Equifax experienced a massive data breach leading to the leak of social security numbers, DOBs, addresses, contact info, and other details of nearly 150 million people. The data leak was investigated and the financial service offering firm stated it was ready to offer a one-year free credit monitoring service to all […]

Equifax invests $1.25 Billion in Cloud Security

US Credit Reporting Agency Equifax has made it official that it is going to invest $1.2 billion in cloud security business through the C3M cloud partner. The company which hit news headlines for a data breach now seems to desire to become a leader in data security   “For us, security has become paramount and […]

After 2017 data breach Equifax aims for utmost Cloud Security with Google Cloud Platform

Equifax which witnessed a massive data breach in 2017 had to make a $700 million global settlement with the US Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to alleviate damages to the affected individuals and make organizational changes to prevent such breaches in the future.   Now the credit scoring company has announced […]

Equifax agreed to pay $700M for its 2017 Data Breach

American Credit Agency Equifax is reported to have agreed to pay a penalty of $700M for its 2017 Data Breach that affected more than 150 million customers by leaking their critical info such as personal names, date of births, social security numbers, and some financial details. Federal Trade Commission, a data watchdog of North America […]

Cyber attack forces Moody’s to downgrade Equifax

Equifax data breach of 2017 has made Moody’s downgrade the company’s outlook from stable to negative. The American business and financial services company say that downgrade was essential due to cybersecurity issues. Moody’s’ Corporation has released a press statement saying that the credit monitoring company had to experience a downgrade due to a massive breach […]

The biggest data breaches of all times till date

All these days Cybersecurity Insiders has reported to its reader’s info about the news of cyber attacks and the top data breaches which happened in the current year. But on the last day of this year, it would like to bring to your notice a list of the largest reported data breaches of USA in […]

Britain Watchdog $658,000 fine on Equifax and NSA Eternal Blue Cyber Threat

US Crediting reporting company Equifax has been slapped with a fine of $658,000 or £500,000 for failing to protect information of more than 15 million UK citizens during a cyber attack which took place last year. The Information Commissioner’s Office(ICO) has come up with the said conclusion of levying a penalty on Equifax after it […]


This post was originally published here by (ISC)² Management. It has been one year since the Equifax breach was first disclosed to the public. It has been one year and six weeks since Equifax first became aware of the breach. The delay in the public announcement of the breach after executives became aware may have proven just […]

Equifax Cyber Attack faces a lawsuit from Canada Citizen

In September 2017, Equifax disclosed that a cyber attack on its database has exposed sensitive info of more than 143 million of its American consumers. The leaked data includes social security numbers, driver licenses, and phone numbers as well. Daniel Thalheimer, 46, a citizen of Duncan, Canada has now filed a class action lawsuit against […]

Passport numbers were stolen in Equifax Cyber Attack

News is out that passport numbers of nearly half of the US population were stolen in Equifax Cyber Attack which took place last year. And the credit bureau agency admits that nearly 147 million were affected in the attack. After the congressional inquiries, it is said that over 3200 passports numbers, 12,000 social security card […]

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