Equifax Data Breach Settlement of $20,000 per Victim


In the year 2017, Equifax experienced a massive data breach leading to the leak of social security numbers, DOBs, addresses, contact info, and other details of nearly 150 million people. The data leak was investigated and the financial service offering firm stated it was ready to offer a one-year free credit monitoring service to all the victims.

Additionally, in February 2022, after facing a dozen of lawsuits, the American credit monitoring company also agreed to pay the victims a stipulated amount of $425 million, if in case the hackers misused their data.

Now, the Equifax Breach Settlement domain is found sending emails to all the breach victims stating that it is ready to offer a free credit monitoring services from 3 major bureaus- Experian, TransUnion and Equifax or pay the victim up to $125 if they wish to opt out of the monitoring option.

And those who experienced agony while remediating identity thefts or info misuse will be paid an amount not exceeding $20,000 per consumer.

KrebsOnSecurity that shows interest in addressing concerns of users reportedly received around 20 messages seeking the truth in the email sent by the credit score offering business and a virtual currency prepaid card covering losses.

The security firm confirmed to most of the emails that they are genuine as the firm sent them in real.

However, it is urging online users to be cautious while accessing such emails and confirm before hitting the link. As they can lead to downloads of malicious payloads moving them into deep trouble.


Naveen Goud
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