AI Could Transform Detection and Response as Legacy MDRs Lack


A recent study conducted by Radiant Security, reveals significant dissatisfaction among IT security professionals with their current managed detection and response (MDR) tools. Radiant  polled 300 IT security experts in the US, revealing that 60%  of the respondents are considering AI-based solutions to replace their current MDR solutions.

With nearly one-third of organizations suffering breaches within the last year, security professionals have begun a critical examination of MDR effectiveness, especially  as cyberthreats grow more complex.

Inadequate MDR Systems Encourage a Shift Towards AI 

The study indicates that traditional MDR services are failing to keep pace with advanced threats such as AI-driven phishing and malware attacks. A notable 44% of respondents reported taking over a month to address a single cybersecurity incident, a delay that can have severe repercussions to reputation, finances, and operations.

Following a breach, a key worry for organizations is the swift detection and remediation from the issues leading to the incident. Deployment times are also a concern, with half of the participants stating a four to six-month timeline, and another 44% needing up to a year for full deployment. Research also unveiled that discontent with MDR solutions typically arose within the first nine months of usage.

The Potential of AI in Security Operations 

The survey suggests that AI could address many of the deficiencies of MDR systems. For instance, 34% of respondents felt their MDR tools lacked adequate understanding of  their specific environments—a gap that AI, with its learning capabilities, could fill.

Moreover, AI has the capability to provide much-needed support to understaffed security teams, which was a problem for 57% of the surveyed professionals. By reducing the  number of escalated issues, AI can ease the burden on security analysts.

Lastly, most respondents did not report time savings with their current MDR tools, contrary to expectations. AI, however, has the potential to automate and streamline up  to 90% of routine Level 1 and Level 2 tasks, offering a more efficient solution for security operations centers (SOCs).

In conclusion, the shift towards AI-enhanced security operations has the potential to be a game-changer for organizations looking to bolster their cybersecurity defenses efficiently and effectively.

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