Artificial Intelligence

India to use Artificial Intelligence to curb power thefts and check usage

India is probably the only country in the world to provide free power to all of their farmers, as these folks provide the nation much needed food for survival. However, only a few states like Telangana are genuinely offering free power to farmers, in a hope of stealing political mileage in the upcoming elections. But […]

AI being used for destruction by China

China is using Artificial Intelligence technology for destruction and the latest developments stand as the best example to explain it in deep. Beijing has started using an AI developed Warship design program that enables the technical guys draw a complex design of a warship in just 12-15 hours, unlike 16 months of hardship, seen without […]

Apocalypse with Artificial Intelligence is near with Microsoft AI powered ChatGPT

Yes, what you’ve read is right! Within a few years, the technology of Artificial Intelligence(AI) could bring-in the doomsday and kill the entire humanity. And these are not the words analyzed by either Twitter chief Elon Musk or Apple CEO Tim Cook. Recently, a man was seen trying out a chatbot developed for new BING […]

Artificial Intelligence Good, Bad and Ugly

We all have seen that every technology exhibits its own pros and cons. Or rather, we can say that it depends on the person or his/her mind that uses it. The same applies to the technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as it can assist humankind or wipe-it off on a permanent note. And here are […]

Artificial Intelligence now allows to speak to dead ones

Did you ever imagine that you can speak to your deceased near and dear one day? If nott, here’s a way to do so- all thanks to the technology of Artificial Intelligence(AI). According to a development made by California based company HereAfterAI, people can now chat, talk or video chat with the dead loves ones […]

AI Robot lawyer to assist clients in UK Court Cases

The next time you are about to hear a court hearing in the UK, you better be aware that a company is offering a service for free where an Artificial Intelligence robot can guide you in what to say in the court via an earpiece. Yes, what’ve read is absolutely True! A company named DoNotPay […]

India IIT offers BTech in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Are you interested in taking a career path in artificial intelligence and data science? Then you better pursue a course in Bachelor of Technology in Indian Institute of Technology Patna as it has recently launched a programme in the related field to get the students certified in the said field. The Btech AI and Data […]

Amazon to replace human staff with AI propelled robots

As expected, the Artificial Intelligence technology is invading our lives so much that it has already started stealing our jobs as robots are being hired as human replacements. The reason is that they do not ask for leaves or weekly offs, work 24/7 if/when necessary, are easy to maintain, do not take sick leaves and […]

Artificial Intelligence can detect Kidney Failure with Retina Scan

We all know that the technology of Artificial Intelligence if/when used by right minds, can yield results that can prove as a boon to mankind. One such instance is the latest AI-Powered Retina scan can detect any disease in kidneys resulting in their failure. Mediwhale, an AI startup from South Korea, has achieved success in […]

New AI Technology can lead to privacy invasion of human minds

Scientists from the University of Texas have developed a new AI model that can scan brains and read minds. It was developed with a hardship of over 7-years with an aim to help read the minds of people who cannot speak. The technology behind this new mode of communication decoding is called Functional Magnetic Resonance […]

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