Artificial Intelligence

How do cybercriminals use artificial intelligence?

The world is becoming increasingly digital, and innovative technological advancements such as artificial intelligence (AI) are evolving at an alarming rate. But unfortunately, as technology advances, so do the strategies of cybercriminals. The integration of AI into nefarious online activities has sparked a cascade of newly sophisticated cyber threats which both individuals and businesses alike […]

AI Could Transform Detection and Response as Legacy MDRs Lack

A recent study conducted by Radiant Security, reveals significant dissatisfaction among IT security professionals with their current managed detection and response (MDR) tools. Radiant  polled 300 IT security experts in the US, revealing that 60%  of the respondents are considering AI-based solutions to replace their current MDR solutions. With nearly one-third of organizations suffering breaches […]

Identity Verification Payments Challenges in the Age of AI

As demand for online transactions continues to accelerate, digitalization remains a key driver for businesses looking to meet the needs of today’s shoppers. In fact, recent data shows U.S. e-commerce sales grew 7.6% to $1.119 trillion in 2023 from $1.040 trillion in 2022. But as digital preferences in everyone’s lives rise, so do the cybersecurity […]

HackerOne Survey Reveals Organizations Feel Equipped to Fight AI Threats Despite Security Incidents

As cybersecurity continues to evolve with AI, an increasing number of IT and security professionals have expressed confidence in their ability to defend against AI-driven threats. However, recent survey results from HackerOne reveal a concerning reality: one-third of organizations faced AI-related security incidents in the past year, despite 95% of IT and security professionals expressing […]

Organizations Need Fully Autonomous Security Powered by Gen-AI

Traditional approaches to security automation no longer suffice in today’s dynamic environments. Talent is getting scarce, and at the same time threat vectors are getting more complex. A fully autonomous security platform presents a big opportunity in the global cybersecurity market, which, according to a cybersecurity market report, is to grow to $298.5 billion by […]

The ClickOps Era Has Begun—Here’s a Quick Primer

[By Prashanth Nanjundappa, VP, Product Management, Progress] In the last decade, the codification and spread of DevOps best practices have transformed the day-to-day workings of businesses worldwide. Where development and operations were once needlessly siloed, they are now more closely aligned for the most part. Consequently, the delays, inefficiencies and communication failures that were once […]

The Future of Defense in an Era of Unprecedented Cyber Threats

[By Darren Guccione, CEO and Co-Founder, Keeper Security] Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated as malicious actors leverage emerging technology to conduct, accelerate and scale their attacks. With AI-powered attacks at the helm, today’s IT and security leaders must contend with a barrage of unprecedented cyber threats and new risks.    To map the cybersecurity […]

Exploring SASE and SSE Roadmaps with the Two Taylor Swifts of the Decade – AI and Quantum

[By John Spiegel, Director of Strategy, Field CTO, Axis Security] Exploring the SASE and SSE landscape is a daunting task.  With over 30 vendors in the space, each with a point of view, it is easy to get lost in both the technical and marketing aspects of the frameworks.  But SASE and SSE are critical […]

Will AI augment or annex cybersecurity jobs?

[By Jamal Elmellas, Chief Operating Officer, Focus-on-Security] Generative AI is expected to impact 60% of jobs in advanced economies like the UK according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), half of which will gain from enhanced productivity while the other half will take over tasks previously performed by humans, lowering labour demands, wages and hiring. […]

Navigating Cyber Threats in the Era of AI Weaponization

In an age where technological advancements are rapidly reshaping our world, the fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) and cyber threats has emerged as a formidable challenge. The weaponization of AI, a technology initially designed to enhance efficiency and innovation, has now be-come a double-edged sword, presenting both opportunities and risks in the realm of cybersecurity. […]

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