Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can detect Kidney Failure with Retina Scan

We all know that the technology of Artificial Intelligence if/when used by right minds, can yield results that can prove as a boon to mankind. One such instance is the latest AI-Powered Retina scan can detect any disease in kidneys resulting in their failure. Mediwhale, an AI startup from South Korea, has achieved success in […]

New AI Technology can lead to privacy invasion of human minds

Scientists from the University of Texas have developed a new AI model that can scan brains and read minds. It was developed with a hardship of over 7-years with an aim to help read the minds of people who cannot speak. The technology behind this new mode of communication decoding is called Functional Magnetic Resonance […]

Artificial Intelligence leads a New Political Party

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is now paving the way to a new political party in Denmark run by a robot. Named as ‘The Synthetic Party’, and headed by Leader Lars, a chat bot, the political party seems to be one of a first kind in the planet’s history. All these days we have seen men […]

Google offers Artificial Intelligence-based Interview Warmup for new job seekers

Are you a fresher or bored with your current job and looking for a career change? Then you surely might be interested in knowing more about this article. Google, the internet juggernaut, is offering an Artificial Intelligence enabled help desk that will help job seeks train themselves against the latest skills in profession. All thanks […]

UK to use AI based COVID Detection App on Mass Scale

Britain’s government could soon replace the regular PCR tests with an AI based technology application having ability to flag 89% of positivity in the COVID-19 cases with great accuracy. Imperial College of London was the first to develop the application based on the technology of Artificial Intelligence. It was developed to be used to detect […]

AI robots are a threat to the HR Department

As the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is growing, apparently it is leading to a situation of job steal. According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn, over 62% of company big-heads are interested in seeking the services of Machine Learning (ML) robots to recruit people. Thus, the role of the robots might slowly and […]

Johnson and Johnson to use Artificial Intelligence to develop drugs  

Johnson and Johnson(J&J) in association with BenevolentAI, are all set to release drugs that were developed with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. The latter achieved this after acquiring London based Janssen, a business subsidiary of J&J that will use multiple drug candidates to treat dreaded diseases. It is a known fact that some […]

Artificial Intelligence to detect Covid virus from Cough

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Scientists have devised a new tool that can detect respiratory illnesses like TB and COVID-19 by just analyzing the sound of the patient’s cough. It can sound over-exaggerated, but is true! A Government Hospital for Chest and Communicable Disease attached to the Andhra Medical College (AMC) has found the technique to detect […]

China Mind-Reading AI Tech can detect political deflectors early

China has finally developed a mind-reading technology related to Artificial Intelligence that can detect political deflectors early. Comprehensive National Science Centre in Hefei claims it has produced software that can not only measure the political loyalty of Chinese voters towards parties like the Communist Party but can also read the mind of politicians and catch […]

An AI algorithm developed to see through walls

Israel has developed a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) based algorithm that can see through walls and what is happening behind the doors. Camero-Tech is the company that has designed Xaver 1000 algorithm and is interested in developing the tech with precision in coming years. Actually, the whole concept has been in development for many years […]

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