Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence cuts down packaging issues for Amazon

From January 3rd, 2022, Amazon will be solving most of its packaging issues with the help of AI based machine learning tools. Meaning, the Jeff Bezos led company will be amalgamating computer vision and natural language processing to ‘guestimate’ the right amount of packaging required to pack millions of products it ships to its customers. […]

AI to help Saudi Arabia build an eight sided Oxagon Sea Ports

We have seen multiple instances when the technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) helped humans built robots to serve in healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing and defense sector. But did you ever imagine that the same AI robots can help civil engineers build an 8 sided floating sea port in the midst of Red Sea. Saudi Arabian government […]

Valueless Degrees and Death of Jobs says Tesla Chief Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has once again termed the usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) threatening to the existence of Human Kind and added that the use of robots in various industries will kill jobs and will make education related degrees valueless. Speaking at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai, Mr. Musk felt that although […]

Facebook Artificial Intelligence Metaverse is concerning

Facebook (FB) CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave a glimpse of Artificial Intelligence propelled Metaverse technology last week and the explanatory video posted by Mr. Zuckerberg on his account enthralled most of us. However, not everyone has become a fan of the new Metaverse technology, as Eric Schmidt, the former lead of Google, has expressed his concerns […]

Facebook AI algorithms have immensely failed, say UK Ministers

UK Ministers are being urged to rethink on the amendments of Online Safety Bill that gives special powers to social media giant Facebook(FB) to use AI technology to weed out hateful and disinformation filled content. According to an article published in the Wall Street Journal, Online Safety Bill offers powers to tech companies such as […]

Learn dance from Artificial Intelligence AI based Robots

All these days we have seen robots driving cars, manufacturing goods and automobiles and some doing day-to-day household chores. In coming years, we will see robots based on Artificial Intelligence teaching dance to those interested. Yes, a team of researchers led by Prof. Brian Magerko has started work on a project that focuses on teaching […]

China using AI to develop robots that can hide in sea launch bombs and cyber attacks

China is once again in the news for misusing the technology of Artificial Intelligence. Earlier, it was using AI tech to analyze loads of videos that were grabbed from the CCTV cameras installed across some of its major cities. The plan was to use machine learning tools and learn about the citizen activities taking place […]

US sets up National AI Task Force

Joe Biden-led administration seems to have taken Artificial Intelligence(AI) technology seriously as it has launched a National Task Force that will oversee the use of government data in AI research. The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) has confirmed the news and said that the task […]

Google uses AI to develop Silicon Processors under 6 hours

All these days we have seen tech companies investing months or years in developing silicon wafers. But Google claims that it can create a computer chip within 6 hours by using Artificial Intelligence(AI) technology.    Technically, any human mind will take several months or years to invent a processing chip with excellent computing capabilities. Even […]

AI to powerboats and cruises to fly by reducing 80% of water friction

Imagine if a boat or small cruise starts flying on water….! Well, it seems like a scene in a James Bond series….isnt it? But it’s going to be true in reality as boat manufacture has released a boat that travels approximately feet high on the water- similar to the technology used by a Hovercraft. Dubbed […]

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