Artificial Intelligence

Learn dance from Artificial Intelligence AI based Robots

All these days we have seen robots driving cars, manufacturing goods and automobiles and some doing day-to-day household chores. In coming years, we will see robots based on Artificial Intelligence teaching dance to those interested. Yes, a team of researchers led by Prof. Brian Magerko has started work on a project that focuses on teaching […]

China using AI to develop robots that can hide in sea launch bombs and cyber attacks

China is once again in the news for misusing the technology of Artificial Intelligence. Earlier, it was using AI tech to analyze loads of videos that were grabbed from the CCTV cameras installed across some of its major cities. The plan was to use machine learning tools and learn about the citizen activities taking place […]

US sets up National AI Task Force

Joe Biden-led administration seems to have taken Artificial Intelligence(AI) technology seriously as it has launched a National Task Force that will oversee the use of government data in AI research. The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) has confirmed the news and said that the task […]

Google uses AI to develop Silicon Processors under 6 hours

All these days we have seen tech companies investing months or years in developing silicon wafers. But Google claims that it can create a computer chip within 6 hours by using Artificial Intelligence(AI) technology.    Technically, any human mind will take several months or years to invent a processing chip with excellent computing capabilities. Even […]

AI to powerboats and cruises to fly by reducing 80% of water friction

Imagine if a boat or small cruise starts flying on water….! Well, it seems like a scene in a James Bond series….isnt it? But it’s going to be true in reality as boat manufacture has released a boat that travels approximately feet high on the water- similar to the technology used by a Hovercraft. Dubbed […]

Microsoft Chief Brad Smith wants AI to be controlled by 2024

Microsoft President Brad Smith has issued a warning against the use of Artificial Intelligence technology and said that if the tech remains uncontrolled, and then it can spell doom on mankind by 2024.   Explaining his viewpoint with an example in an interview with BBC, Smith said that AI is being used by technologists to […]

Google to influence doctor decisions in the USA with AI-driven patient data

Google, the technology giant of America has tied up with over 70 hospital networks in America to develop a doctor decision influencing AI by analyzing more than 32 million patient records. A healthcare-based algorithm has been in development since 2018 for which data related to over 32 million patients from different streams has been accessed, […]

Microsoft teams up with AI driven Darktrace against Cyber Threats

Microsoft, the American technology giant has teamed up with Darktrace to help customers detect and respond to cyber threats in an automated way. Cybersecurity company Darktrace integrates its threat analysis intelligence with machine learning tools offering enhanced security features across varied cloud platforms and enterprise environments, thus easing work pressure for the security teams.   […]

EU to regulate AI based Facial Recognition

European Commission (EC) is planning to devise a new framework that regularized the usage of AI based Facial Recognition technology that all technology based providers need to comply with. The much awaited legislation that has been pending on the table for approval may see a light by this year end as it still needs to […]

DeepMind of Google to use AI to discover drugs faster

DeepMind, a solely owned company of Google, is all set to make drug discovery faster by using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Recently, the company cracked a 50 year biology conundrum that basically represents the shapes gained after the folding of proteins. This was achieved by 92% accuracy with the use of data driven by machine learning […]

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