Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence to detect Covid virus from Cough

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Scientists have devised a new tool that can detect respiratory illnesses like TB and COVID-19 by just analyzing the sound of the patient’s cough. It can sound over-exaggerated, but is true! A Government Hospital for Chest and Communicable Disease attached to the Andhra Medical College (AMC) has found the technique to detect […]

China Mind-Reading AI Tech can detect political deflectors early

China has finally developed a mind-reading technology related to Artificial Intelligence that can detect political deflectors early. Comprehensive National Science Centre in Hefei claims it has produced software that can not only measure the political loyalty of Chinese voters towards parties like the Communist Party but can also read the mind of politicians and catch […]

An AI algorithm developed to see through walls

Israel has developed a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) based algorithm that can see through walls and what is happening behind the doors. Camero-Tech is the company that has designed Xaver 1000 algorithm and is interested in developing the tech with precision in coming years. Actually, the whole concept has been in development for many years […]

Microsoft uses AI to tackle Ransomware Attacks

As ransomware attacks are ever-evolving, they are hard to detect with human intelligence. So, Microsoft issued a press statement on Tuesday confirming the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to tackle ransomware attacks. In a tech post released on ‘Patch Tuesday’, the tech giant disclosed it is harnessing the power of AI in exploring the […]

AI Demon scares Google Employee

A suspended Google employee named Blake Lemoine, 41, said that a newly invented AI tool in his former company was acting sentient and was speaking some scary words. Mr. Blake said that an artificial intelligence tool called LaMDA that was under development was speaking like an 8-year-old and occasionally saying that if he shuts him […]

NVIDIA offers Medical Computing Platform with Artificial Intelligence

NVIDIA has made it official that it is offering an AI computing medical platform that will help medical device hardware process information swiftly. Like image processing, genomics, and the development and deployment of smart sensors. NVIDIA Clara Holoscan MGX platform is the name and it will from now on provide medical grade reference architecture and […]

Artificial Intelligence induced microwave oven tries to kill its owner

Lucas Rizzotto had a vision from his childhood about a talking microwave oven that could communicate with him like a friend and act as per his commands. So, he collected a microwave from Amazon and induced it with artificial intelligence. Then, sensing it had thinking skills, he named it as Magnetron. Magnetron was fed with […]

China uses AI to boost surveillance and Disney firm is helping it

China seems to have intensified its surveillance capabilities on its citizens by deploying the technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to upgrade its surveillance tools. According to a document released by Reuters, China is now using a new AI software, known as “One software, One file” to enhance its monitoring capabilities on citizens. Earlier, the data […]

Artificial Intelligence blocks RYUK Ransomware invasion

France-based Dordogne Groupements Hospitaliers de Territoire (Dordogne GHT) has stopped RYUK Ransomware attack on its servers by using the AI propelled DarkTrace Threat monitoring and detection solution. DarkTrace offers Antigena, an autonomous response technology against cyber threats such as ransomware attacks. And in the year 2021, Dordongne GHT, a healthcare service provider from France, chose […]

Artificial Intelligence to help communicate with animals

Scientists at the University of Copenhagen research institute have developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm that can help communicate with animals in the future. Currently, AI algorithms are being used on pigs to decode their emotions and researchers claim that they have achieved 60% of success in translating positive & negative emotions hidden in pig […]

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