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Insider Threat Detection: What You Need to Know

Insider threats are a growing concern for organizations of all sizes and industries, and can be both intentional and unintentional, resulting in significant consequences for the organization’s data, finances, and reputation. Organizations face a significant threat from within their own ranks, where a current or former employee, partner, contractor, or vendor can compromise sensitive data, […]

AI Could Transform Detection and Response as Legacy MDRs Lack

A recent study conducted by Radiant Security, reveals significant dissatisfaction among IT security professionals with their current managed detection and response (MDR) tools. Radiant  polled 300 IT security experts in the US, revealing that 60%  of the respondents are considering AI-based solutions to replace their current MDR solutions. With nearly one-third of organizations suffering breaches […]

Cyber Attacks: The Need For an IT and Board-Level Understanding of the Risks

[By James Allman-Talbot, Head of Incident Response and Threat Intelligence at Quorum Cyber]   According to IBM, the global average cost of a data breach in 2023 was 4.45 million, which was a 15% increase over three years. Microsoft notes that “the U.S. was the target of 46 percent of cyberattacks in 2020, more than […]

3 Reasons the Next NIST Update Should Include Threat Hunting

This post was originally published here by SQRRL. Are we giving our automated security tools too much credit for threat detection? Nearly half of all threats go undetected by automated security tools (44%), according to a recent LinkedIn poll to the 360,000+ member InfoSec Community. Here’s why Sqrrl is arguing to add human-driven analysis to the list of “appropriate activities […]

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