UK Military data breach and LockBit admin identified


In recent days, the digital media has been abuzz with speculation regarding a potential breach of Britain’s defense database. Today, the Ministry of Defense, UK, officially confirmed that its servers experienced unauthorized access, resulting in the exposure of personal and financial information belonging to military personnel and certain political figures, particularly those within ministerial roles.

Reports indicate that the cyber intrusion targeted payroll systems managed by a third-party contractor enlisted by the defense ministry. While suspicions point towards potential involvement from Chinese actors, this remains unconfirmed.

A statement provided to Sky News suggests a broader concern that this breach may be part of a larger campaign to compromise government databases, possibly linked to a previous attack on the Electoral Commission in 2022.

In response to the incident, affected systems have been isolated, and a thorough government investigation has been initiated to uncover the full extent of the breach in the interest of national security.

Meanwhile, attention also turns to recent developments in the crackdown on cyber-criminal activity. The US Department of Justice has indicted the alleged administrator of the LockBit ransomware group, identifying the individual as Russian national Dmitry Yuryevich Khoroshev, also known as LockBitSupp.

Khoroshev, who reportedly amassed nearly $100 million in 2023 alone through illicit means using LockBit ransomware, now faces criminal charges from the FBI, Britain’s National Crime Agency, Europol, and the Australian National Cyber Crime Agency. As a result, he is subject to travel restrictions, and his international bank accounts have been frozen.

However, it’s important to note that these legal measures are enforceable only at the international level. If Khoroshev operates from within Russia, he may evade prosecution within his home jurisdiction.

Furthermore, the FBI has issued warnings that any company engaging in ransom payments to LockBit or negotiating with the criminal group could face legal repercussions. This extends to ransomware negotiators facilitating deals with potential victims.

LockBitSupp has been under the scrutiny of law enforcement since February 2023, and individuals providing information leading to Khoroshev’s apprehension may be eligible for a reward under the Rewards for Justice Program.

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