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Information Security News headlines trending on Google

First is regarding a ‘Rapid Security Update’ that is being issued by Apple Inc to all iOS devices and applies to iPads and macOS. The technology giant confirmed that the update is a necessity and can be automatically updated as well, if the settings are tweaked. It disallows hackers from taking control of the device […]

Data Breach lawsuits against companies increasing in the year 2023

Companies that fail to protect their customers’ information are likely to face lawsuits in the year 2023, as impacted customers are no longer willing to tolerate such acts at the expense of their privacy and financial losses. This legal turn is supported by a study conducted by BakerHostetler, which confirms that lawsuits against companies that […]

Indian ICICI Bank data breach exposes 3.8 million customer information

ICICI Bank, an Indian bank with a business presence in over 15 countries, has become a victim of a data breach, leaking information of more than 3.8 million customers or 38 lakh customers. The banking giant says that the news of the data breach is false, as its preliminary inquiries have revealed that the available […]

Most of US IT professionals asked to stay silent about data breaches

Data breach reporting is mandatory and, as per some prevailing laws, any incident that goes unreported for a while can lead to the arrest of the technology head of the victimized company. However, if we take practical stats into account in the United States, they are different and contrary to what is existing in paper. […]

UK Data Regulator publishes information of firms hit by data breaches

Next time when you are hit by a cyber attack, you better be aware that the UK’s Information Commissioner’s office (ICO) will soon make the information public by posting it on its website. Yes, this is what the ICO has decided as it believes that naming and shaming will make company heads take measures to […]

Data Breach of Victorian Populace in Australia taken seriously

Data of Australian Victorian Populace appears to be exposed, as a technology company managing and serving was infiltrated by hackers on Wednesday last week. PNORS Technology Group, is the company that witnessed a compromise of its computer network recently, apparently spilling sensitive details to hackers. PNORS owns about 5-companies and information is out that hackers […]

Ransomware attack news trending on Google

First is the news related to a new ransomware variant named Lilith that struck its first victim early last week. Information is out that the Lilith Ransomware group stole the details of its victim before encrypting the entire database. And since the victim failed to pay a ransom, the Lilith group posted the details on […]

Russia could have hacked the UK Spy agency says MoD

UK’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) has released a press statement that few of its servers might have been compromised by hackers believed to be working for the Russian government. The suspicion finger pointed out towards Kremlin as the cyber crooks stolen classical data related to 100 British Army recruits who were working in other nations […]

Company asks customers to delete credit card info after data breach

A Caribbean based company is urging its customers to delete credit card info saved onto its website after it detected a data breach on its servers. Aeropost, Inc that is into the business of logistics and e-commerce, is asking its customers to delete all card related info saved onto the company’s account, respectively. Details about […]

T-Mobile pays $200,000 to buy its customer data from hackers

T-Mobile suffered a data breach last year and tried to buy its data back from hackers after paying an amount of $200,000 against the demanded 6 BTC. But it seems the negotiations failed and the cyber crooks continued their activity of selling the data in a freshly breached hack of the firm named Company 3. […]

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