Organizations Need Fully Autonomous Security Powered by Gen-AI

By Ambuj Kumar, Founder and CEO, Simbian

Traditional approaches to security automation no longer suffice in today’s dynamic environments. Talent is getting scarce, and at the same time threat vectors are getting more complex. A fully autonomous security platform presents a big opportunity in the global cybersecurity market, which, according to a cybersecurity market report, is to grow to $298.5 billion by 2028.

Simbian is a leader in the field, using a deep understanding of the nuance and context of security automation that learns with AI and gets smarter and deeper over time.​ Recently the company introduced the industry’s first GenAI-powered security co-pilot that integrates secure and intelligent AI solutions into diverse IT environments to maximize coverage and expedite resolutions to security teams’ ever-changing needs.

The co-pilot continuously observes user actions and environments and learns to autonomously perform increasingly sophisticated tasks on its own over time. Simbian is committed to making security fully autonomous by delegating all tactical tasks to its trusted AI platform, allowing users to focus on strategic security goals.


Security teams cannot keep up with the operational tasks they must do each day, despite years of investment in in-house automation and tools to make them more effective.  Simbian puts the security operator firmly in charge of security decisions, enabling the user to interact with products across vendors to get things done. The company is unique in the industry offering the ability to generate commands in code using LLM and based on a natural language user interface, and enables users to craft permutations of the actions Simbian supports, all on the fly.

Simbian’s GenAI-powered platform is the industry’s first security co-pilot that adapts to diverse IT environments and covers the entire gamut of security functions. Most businesses have a mix of software from multiple vendors and in-house software. Each business and each member of a security team have unique, ever-changing security needs. Simbian helps every member of the security team from the CISO to the frontline practitioner solve their unique security needs in real-time. Users provide their goal in natural language, and Simbian’s patent-pending LLM-powered platform provides personalized recommendations and generates automated actions across heterogeneous environments – delivering better security outcomes, higher agility to evolving business needs and threats, and lower costs.


Security is a domain of ever-increasing complexity. Every day security incidents bring new variables. Simbian is taking a big step forward towards the mission of a fully autonomous security platform. While security vendors are increasingly using GenAI, off-the-shelf GenAI models come with many security risks, including hallucinations, prompt injection risks, and exposure of PII/confidential data. Simbian minimizes these risks by leveraging a patent-pending, hardened LLM system called TrustedLLM™ that utilizes multiple layers of security controls between the user and the GenAI models it uses under the hood.


AI-driven security solutions can greatly improve threat detection, speed remediation, and reduce complexity. Simbian is bringing this vision to a reality, leveraging AI to automate many of the more challenging, frequent security tasks performed by all levels of security analysts throughout their day.


The company is venture backed and headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. For more information, visit, or follow Simbian on and


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