British pregnant women are unwittingly handing over their Genetic data to China

Recent reports have revealed a shocking truth about the inadvertent sharing of prenatal NIFTY blood test data by thousands of pregnant British women with a Chinese company called BGI Group. This company, allegedly affiliated with the People’s Liberation Army, has raised concerns among Members of Parliament in the United Kingdom, prompting calls for a swift […]

UK gun owners at risk after Cyber Attack leads to data breach

National Crime Agency (NCA) has started a detailed investigation into a cyber attack that took place on the servers of the National Smallbore Rifle Association (NSRA) members. This attack has led to concerns that they or their family members could be targeted by criminals who could either harm them or threaten them to surrender their […]

China spies on the UK populace with microchips

Britain populace should start being cautious with smart appliances as security analysts suggest that china might have started a spying campaign on them via domestic appliances. Yes, what you’ve read is right! There is a fair amount of chance that Beijing might have weaponized millions of gadgets operating in the household of Britons through microchips. […]

Data Security Threat to UK Government Ministers and Civil Servants

All the ministers and government employees working in the UK were issued a warning when their official contact details were publicly available online until March 2020. The Government Communication Service website was publicly displaying information of about 45k Govt employees and details include email address, phone numbers and job titles, along with the social media […]

Cyber Crime fraudsters to make £80m during Christmas 2022

Cyber Crime, also synonymously referred to as online fraud, is reported to surge in this Christmas 2022 festive season and so online users are reported to lose around £80 million pounds over the next 10-15 days. UK’s Labour party conducted a survey and revealed the above stated stats as facts and warned that the number […]

British government bans sharing of Passwords

Many UK citizens have the habit of sharing passwords of online services with friends & family members, especially those related to streaming services. However, from now on it will be treated as a criminal offense as per the latest law termed by UK’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO). Furthermore, using images without permission on social media […]

UK Data Regulator publishes information of firms hit by data breaches

Next time when you are hit by a cyber attack, you better be aware that the UK’s Information Commissioner’s office (ICO) will soon make the information public by posting it on its website. Yes, this is what the ICO has decided as it believes that naming and shaming will make company heads take measures to […]

UK government scanning all connected devices for cybersecurity lapses

United Kingdom has started the process of scanning all connected devices in their country for vulnerabilities and will inform the device owners if any critical concern is found. National Cyber Security Centre(NCSC) will be performing a scheduled scan with freely available tools operating in dedicated cloud hosted environments via two IP addresses and […]

UK populace beware of this promotional Cyber Fraud

Seems like Cyber fraudsters are increasingly targeting the UK populace in a hope of making easy money. Because from the past few weeks, some innocent victims are being receiving fraudulent SMSes that seek virtual purchase of products from reputable shopping platforms and get a commission for boosting sales, which is completely false. And as the […]

UK to save Lithuania and Georgia from Russian Cyber Attacks

UK has taken an initiative to protect Lithuania and Georgia from Russian cyber attacks. The response stands firm against the pledge taken by a pro-Russian group dubbed Killnet to take down countries that are against the war between Russia with Ukraine. For the past 10 days, Lithuania is facing digital assaults by Russian hackers and […]

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