UK to save Lithuania and Georgia from Russian Cyber Attacks

UK has taken an initiative to protect Lithuania and Georgia from Russian cyber attacks. The response stands firm against the pledge taken by a pro-Russian group dubbed Killnet to take down countries that are against the war between Russia with Ukraine. For the past 10 days, Lithuania is facing digital assaults by Russian hackers and […]

ATMs in the UK are being hijacked by hackers

Automatic Teller Machines, shortly known as ATMs, are being used by hackers to lock down cards on the teller machines so that the hackers can gain control of the cards on digital form and siphon money from bank accounts. Police from the Hertfordshire area have confirmed the crime and admitted that they have received at […]

UK ICO to retain millions in fines to meet legal expenses

Britain’s Information Commissioner Office (ICO) will from now on retain the accumulated sum as penalties to meet legal expenses. All these days, the estimated income per annum as GDPR fines were hitting £17 million or 4% of annual turnover and were being diverted into the government’s consolidated fund. But from now, as per the new […]

UK National Cyber Security Centre launches Email Security Service

UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, shortly known as NCSC, has launched an Email Security check service that will help organizations identify cyber threats lurking in spoofed emails that can lead to data breaches. The newly released email security check tool dubbed ‘Mail Check Service’ doesn’t ask for any personal details or for a login. It […]

Hackers try to cyber scam by posing Chief Executive of Lincoln College

A group of hackers have launched a cyber scam by posing as the chief executive officer of National Cyber Security Centre, Lindy Cameron. The cyber fraud was smartly drafted in such a way that it is difficult to make out whether it is genuine or malicious. Going deep into the details, some hackers are seen […]

Killnet Hacking group of Russia pledges to disrupt ventilators across UK Hospitals

In the first of its kind cyber threat, a group of hackers from a Russian hacking group have threatened to shut down the operations of ventilators across hospitals in the UK. The hacking group’s name is Killnet and is demanding the release of a hacker arrested in London by the authorities representing the Romanian Government, […]

Russia could have hacked the UK Spy agency says MoD

UK’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) has released a press statement that few of its servers might have been compromised by hackers believed to be working for the Russian government. The suspicion finger pointed out towards Kremlin as the cyber crooks stolen classical data related to 100 British Army recruits who were working in other nations […]

UK government staff targeted by billions of malicious emails

A research conducted by a research firm, Comparitech, says that billions of malicious emails target UK government employees every year. And some of them might have unknowingly clicked on the malicious links, thus putting themselves and the businesses they are serving in jeopardy. As per the freedom of information request submitted to about 273 organizations, […]

Revenue for Cybersecurity firms in UK increased by 14 percent

Cybersecurity firms in UK have witnessed an increase in revenue by 14% says a survey that involved respondents from the tech sector of Britain. And stats are in that the year 2021 witnessed a 14% increase in the annual revenue earned by the security firms operating in and around United Kingdom taking the tally to […]

Now jail for tech bosses in UK over Data Security concerns

Till date, the Online Safety Bill of UK did not hold any tech company bosses for failing to protect their user data. But now, the legislation is about to be amended in such a way that it is going to turn punitive and will propose a jail term for tech bosses who fail to comply […]

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