Lineaje Tackles Open-Source Management with New Solution


The Challenge of Open-Source Software Risk

Open-source software plays a crucial role in modern software development, enabling organizations to accelerate innovation and streamline development cycles. However, it also introduces significant security risks. Research indicates that open-source software has 10 times more risk than code created by internal developers and accounts for 95% of all risk in applications. The challenge lies in identifying and managing these risks effectively.

Introducing Lineaje’s Open-Source Manager (OSM)

Lineaje, a leader in continuous software supply chain security management, has introduced a groundbreaking solution called Open-Source Manager (OSM) to address these challenges by providing full lifecycle governance of open-source software. This comprehensive, first-of-its-kind solution brings transparency to open-source software components in applications and proactively manages and mitigates associated risks.

Key Features Tackling Open-Source Risks Include:

  1. Transparency: OSM unveils the hidden depths of open-source dependencies, tracing more than 20 levels and pinpointing every package down to the last level. It provides risk analysis for each component in the supply chain, including more vulnerabilities than any other tool.
  2. Attestation and Integrity: OSM automatically attests every component for tamperability and integrity. This unique capability allows it to discover components of dubious origin in software and detect tampers like 3CX, XZ, and SolarWinds.
  3. Plan & Fix Module: OSM goes beyond discovery by introducing an innovative “plan & fix” module. Not all patches or vulnerability fixes are equally compatible or applied at the same dependency depth. Lineaje AI, powered by BOMbots, generates plans in minutes for open-source patching. Developers can apply all compatible and incompatible patches in batches, reducing mean time to protect (MTTP) and saving up to 40% in software maintenance efforts.
  4. Proactive Risk Mitigation: Unmaintained components with unfixed vulnerabilities and policy violations can be routed to inner or outsourced teams chartered to maintain risky open-source dependencies.


Lineaje’s OSM empowers organizations to secure the entire software supply chain, from open-source to proprietary components. By providing transparency, attestation, and proactive risk management, OSM strengthens the security posture of complex software development organizations. As developers increasingly leverage open-source code, robust security measures like OSM become essential to protect against vulnerabilities in commonly used packages.


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