Apple offers a website to curb data privacy concerns among its users


Apple Inc. which has always adhered in respecting the privacy of its users has now launched a website which allows its users to track down the data collected by the iPhone maker so far.

On Wednesday, the iPhone giant launched a website with the URL “privacy dot Apple dot com” which allows its users to request a copy of their data, correct any errors and pause or delete their Apple Account.

Technically speaking, the said web portal has already been in a testing phase in European Union since May this year and was operating in compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation Rules which came into effect on May 25th of this year.

The web portal offers support to not only its US users but also to those living in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Therefore, with the latest privilege iPhone and Mac device users will get the privilege to search through the data collected by the tech giant. It includes iCloud data, photos, calendar entries, documents and App Store purchases along the history of repairs made to your device/s.

The procedure to get a copy of the data is as follows-

1.) Just visit the privacy portal being offered by Apple and log into it with your Apple account credentials.

2.) If you have the 2-factor authentication enabled to turn it on and get the 6 digit OTP on your iOS device.

3.) Go to the upper toolbar where you will find “Manage Your Privacy” feature and then scroll down to the heading that reads ‘Take charge of your data’.

4.) From there on, click on the ‘visit your data and privacy page’ and select the ‘get a Copy of your Data’ option.

5.) Select the data you want to download and allow some time for Apple to prepare a copy for you.

Note 1- The maximum time to send you a copy of the data by Apple is 7 days. The company is sticking to this time frame as it has to verify that the request was made by you and then forward you the relevant details.

Note 2- As most of the details are stored on Apple devices; it’s likely that the report won’t include that much info.

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