Apple Safari Browser Data Security ad against Google Chrome

Recently, commuters in California, Paris, Singapore, Queensland, and London have been encountering Apple Inc.’s Safari Browser ads on billboards and public buildings. These ads cleverly promote Safari as the browser of choice for iPhone users while taking a swipe at Google’s Chrome browser. Google had recently admitted to collecting data from Chrome users, sparking concerns […]

Expert comment: Apple AI safety & security

By Kevin Surace, Chair, Token Apple has taken a “privacy and security first” approach to handling all generative AI interactions that must be processed in the cloud. No one else comes close at this point, and no one else has spelled out with full transparency how they intend to meet that high bar. More information can be […]

New Apple iOS security update blocks Bluetooth Spying

Apple has unveiled significant security enhancements with the introduction of iOS 17.5, addressing nearly 15 vulnerabilities. Among the key features is a capability to thwart Bluetooth-based iPhone tracking, a move aimed at bolstering user privacy. The latest iOS update, version 17.5, includes an alert system to notify users of potential cross-platform tracking attempts. This feature […]

Cyber Threat emerges out of Apple iOS 17 new NameDrop Feature

Apple’s recent update to iOS 17 introduced a new feature called NameDrop, enhancing data transfer capabilities for iPhone and Apple Watch users. This update allows seamless sharing of various files, including contacts, messages, photos, and videos. Despite its convenience, security analysts and law enforcement agencies are advising users, particularly those with children using the devices, […]

Trending Cybersecurity News headlines on Google

Apple dismisses political controversy over its security alert Apple Inc has released a statement acknowledging attempts by state-sponsored actors to breach the devices of its users in various countries, including India. However, the company distanced itself from the ongoing espionage controversy within Indian politics, where the Opposition Congress has alleged that the ruling BJP government […]

Indian government reports Security Vulnerabilities in Apple devices

The Indian government has released a report highlighting security vulnerabilities in Apple devices. The Computer Emergency Response Team of India (CERT-IN) has issued an urgent alert, identifying security threats affecting a range of Apple products, including iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, iMacs, MacBooks, and the Safari Browser. These vulnerabilities stem from software flaws. CERT-IN, operating under […]

Apple says better keep data out of cloud

Apple’s recent Wonderlust event has garnered significant attention, particularly in the realm of digital viewership statistics. However, one noteworthy message from the tech giant has reverberated across the globe: safeguard your data by keeping it out of the cloud. Apple, the American iPhone manufacturer that assembles its devices in the Indian subcontinent while branding them […]

Apple offers new privacy and security protections at WWDC

During the recent Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple Inc. unveiled a range of new privacy and security features designed to enhance user protection. One notable feature is aimed at safeguarding children against online spying tools, while another focuses on maintaining user browsing history anonymity in the face of trackers. Additionally, iPhone users will now have […]

Is mood tracking feature in Apple iOS 17 a privacy concern

Apple Inc’s released products are known for their progressive innovation, and the best example to prove it is the invention of a glass-driven touch screen that was first introduced to the world via the first iPhone in-series and is now a part of every electronic appliance in today’s world. As expected, the next version of […]

Apple acquires WaveOne that uses AI to compress videos

Apple has almost made it official that it has acquired WaveOne, a company that uses artificial intelligence technology to compress videos. However, the tech company has not yet released a press statement on the matter. Nonetheless, one of WaveOne’s former employees has hinted at the acquisition on his profile, revealing that the iPhone giant is […]

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