Apple launches Lockdown Mode to protect its users against spyware

Apple has announced a ‘Lockdown Mode’ in its upcoming iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 software and the feature is to protect its users against spyware like Pegasus and other malicious software Aimed at journalists, activists, and politicians, the feature that will be activated by default will assist users in saving themselves from targeted cyber attacks. […]

Apple to say goodbye to Passwords with its MacOS Ventura Passkeys

Apple Inc is all set to say goodbye to Passwords forever with its upcoming macOS Ventura operating system as it will integrate the security feature into its passkeys that are unique and digital and can never be tricked by hackers. Passkeys are nothing but a replacement for password-based authentication. It will be unique and will […]

Malware threat to Low-Power Mode (LPM) in Apple iPhones

A group of security researchers from Germany have discovered that the low-power mode feature in Apple iPhones acts as an access point to hackers to induce malware that can emerge as a major cyber threat to the device users. To those uninitiated about LPM, here’s a gist. Apple iPhone has a feature called low-power mode […]

Apple Audio Code has severe vulnerabilities affecting millions of smart phone devices

Apple’s Audio Codec that was developed in 2004 and made as open source software since 2011 is reportedly filled with severe security vulnerabilities that could trigger panic among Android users. Apple Lossless Audio Codex (ALAC) is the open source software that is in discussion and is now been picked up by many smart phone manufacturers […]

Apple iOS 15 fixes a critical zero day vulnerability with update

All Apple iPhone and iPAD users are issued a warning about a critical zero day vulnerability that has to be fixed on an immediate note. The technology company has issued a fix to the vulnerability that not only quashes the flaw but also protects device users from poor battery life. So, it is better if […]

Data on stolen Apple iPhones to be made more secure now

Apple Inc has passed on an internal memo last week promoting their staff not to repair any iPhone that has been stolen or lost. The move was taken to protect the data of stolen customers from falling into wrong hands and also to safeguard genuine owners from falling into various scams launched through stolen devices. […]

Apple ups its mobile security by unlocking phones with masked faces

All these days, Apple iPhone users faced the unique trouble of removing their masks to unlock their phones. But from March 17th this year, the tech giant will release an update to all its devices that thereafter will allow a user to unlock their device while wearing a cotton mask. The feature will be released […]

Apple workers using Android phones to avoid snooping from bosses

Apple Inc’s workers who are working hourly have opted to use rival Android phones to prevent their bosses from snooping around them. And the move is said to give a major boost to the employees who are intending to unionize their jobs with the support from major national unions. On the condition of anonymity, an […]

Apple Inc pays $100,500 to hacker for hacking MacBook Webcam

Apple Inc, the American tech giant that produces iPhone, has paid $100,500 to a hacker for hacking MacBook Webcam. Ryan Pickren is the hacker who was rewarded well by the iOS giant as he brought to their issue a severe vulnerability that could have allowed criminals to sneak into the computing activities of Mac users. […]

Court case against NSO Group Pegasus Malware by Apple Inc

Apple Inc has filed a legal suit against NSO Group for developing Pegasus malware that is being illegally used by companies/governments and individuals for conducting cyber surveillance. The complaint that was filed in California court yesterday not only seeks permission to block the spying software from infiltrating into products such as iPhones, but also seeks […]

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