Apple and Google put data privacy to rest with COVID 19 Tracker

All iPhone and Android mobile users are hereby informed that the two tech giants have coordinated with each other to warn their respective users as soon as they have come in contact with a COVID 19 patient. And as per the details available to our Cybersecurity Insiders, the notifications will only be sent only to […]

Apple iOS 14 restricts Facebook from targeting personalized ads

Apple seems to have taken data privacy a lot more serious in its upcoming version of iOS 14 as Facebook argues that the privacy features in its new OS will prevent it from tracking the user’s online activities and targeting them with relevant ads. The World’s leading social media giant claims that its ad revenue […]

Apple to send iPhones to hackers to find vulnerabilities

All you ‘White Hat’ hackers over there get ready for the iOS Security Research Device (SRD) program where a selected set of hackers from the white listed community will be eligible to test research iPhones from Apple Inc to win a reward as a part of Bug Bounty rewards program. As per the terms revealed […]

A lawsuit against Apple and T-Mobile for overlooking security vulnerabilities

A class-action suit was filed against tech majors Apple Inc and T-Mobile in New York for failing to disclose a major security vulnerability to users that allowed bad guys to sneak into iMessage and FaceTime calls.   As per the lawsuit, filed in the Southern District Court of NY by Tigran Ohanian and Reggie Lopez, […]

How to protect your iPhone from Hackers

First and foremost advice is never ‘jailbreak’ your device to access apps and software not available on the Apple store. As it not only defers you from the company warranty but also blocks help from Apple if something unfortunate takes place to your device.   Secure your iCloud account- Never use the same password twice or on any […]

Apple Inc acquires AI Voice Startup to improve SIRI

Apple Inc has acquired a Dublin based AI Startup which offers technology that enables 3rd parties to integrate high-quality voice and natural language capabilities into their digital products. Dubbed as Voysis, this conversational Artificial Intelligence platform is said to help in the development of Apple’s Virtual Assistant SIRI on a further note. Technically speaking Voysis […]

Apple Inc acquires British AI Startup Spectral Edge to boost its iPhone Camera

American Technology giant Apple Inc has acquired a British technology startup named Spectral Edge for an undisclosed amount. And the news is out that the company will be using the photography technology of the AI startup into its new iPhones which will be releasing next year.   What’s more interesting about this news is that […]

Apple iOS 13 gets new Mobile Security Features

Apple iOS 13 was finally out on September 19th, 2019 and the iPhone maker claims that its latest operating system has a whole new level of features when it comes to data security and thwarting measures from the latest threats lurking in the cyber landscape. As the new operating system from the tech giant will […]

Apple iPhone fails to recognize Katie Price

As more and more Apple iPhone users are grouping up on twitter to express their rampage against the facial Recognition technology available on iPhones. The tech company seems to be unperturbed with the backlash. All these days, those using Face ID on iPhone X struggled to unlock their phones early in the morning as the […]

Google exposes Apple iPhones getting infected by Website Spyware

Google Project Zero security researchers have discovered recently that some websites were infecting Apple iPhones with spyware from the past two years. And the tech giant identified the vulnerability in Feb this year and offered a security patch along with the FaceTime eavesdropping bug susceptibility. Security analysts say that those who visited the malicious websites […]

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