Apple urges iPhone users to upgrade to iOS16 amid device security hacking fears


We all know that the iPhone giant released its iOS 16 a few weeks ago and wanted everyone to upgrade to the new operating systems as it’s more intuitive and easier to use. A couple of weeks back, the technology giant of America issued a warning to all its users and urged them to go for the upgrade at the earliest. As among the two identified flaws, one was discovered to be exploited already by threat actors.

Technically speaking, the Webkit allows safari browser engine offer a backdoor to threat actors to execute an arbitrary code on an iPhone.

Thus, the MacOS developing giant wants all its users to go for the iOS 16 OS as it offers a fix to the vulnerability. However, only those using iPhone 8 and later models can go for the operating system update, as older devices do not support the upgrade because of incompatibility of hardware with software.

Apple Inc, released a press update at the end of last week stating iOS 16.3.1 offers bug fixes, acknowledges iCloud and SIRI issues and includes many Crash Detection Optimizations.

NOTE 1– The first developer version was released in June 2022, immediately after the Worldwide Developer’s Conference, with the first beta version being released in July 2022, after which it was made public on September 12th,2022.

NOTE 2- Google Photos are reportedly crashing with no error message on the device installing iOS 16.3.1.

NOTE 3-iCloud is freezing down after the iOS 16.3.1 and there seems to be no workaround to its insight. SIRI is not operating as per the expectations on the new platform and Crash Detection optimization is only proving worthy on iPhone 14 and 14 Pro models.


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