Apple iPhone to offer new security mode in its new iOS 17 update

Apple Inc. is poised to introduce a groundbreaking feature across all its iPhone models aimed at safeguarding users against potential threats of private passcode theft. The technology giant identified the rising concern of passcode theft approximately nine months ago when a significant number of its device users fell victim to scams, resulting in the compromise […]

Nine 9 tips before putting your Android Smartphone or Apple iPhone for resale

Many people are likely considering selling their old smartphones to upgrade to the latest models released by OEMs, featuring innovative features and new operating systems. However, before selling your smartphone to a friend or a company, it’s crucial to take certain steps to avoid potential cyber embarrassments. 1.) Uninstall Banking Apps and Gateways: Given the […]

Russia issues ban on Apple iPhone for security reasons

Russia has issued a ban on the usage of Apple iPhones in government and military sector until further orders. The ban is only applicable to the federal organizations and doesn’t imply to the civilians. The move was anticipated long before as Putin led government suspects that Apple is supporting the Biden administration by conducting espionage […]

Apple offers new privacy and security protections at WWDC

During the recent Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple Inc. unveiled a range of new privacy and security features designed to enhance user protection. One notable feature is aimed at safeguarding children against online spying tools, while another focuses on maintaining user browsing history anonymity in the face of trackers. Additionally, iPhone users will now have […]

Cyber threat with iPhone Phone Link feature on Windows 11 laptops

Attention Windows 11 users who rely on their PCs to respond to messages and phone calls from their iPhones, an important cybersecurity alert requires your immediate attention. Recently, Apple Inc, the renowned technology giant, introduced a feature called Phone Link, enabling iPhone users to sync their messages and calls with their Windows 11 laptops, allowing […]

Apple iPhone Vulnerability let hackers steal photos, messages and files

Apple Inc has issued an update that it will soon release the fix to the two newly discovered vulnerabilities that are plaguing iPhone users for the past two weeks. According to an update released by privacy experts at VPNOverview, these two bugs have the potential of handing over fraudulent access to cyber criminals, thus allowing […]

Apple urges iPhone users to upgrade to iOS16 amid device security hacking fears

We all know that the iPhone giant released its iOS 16 a few weeks ago and wanted everyone to upgrade to the new operating systems as it’s more intuitive and easier to use. A couple of weeks back, the technology giant of America issued a warning to all its users and urged them to go […]

iPhone using parents to get precise location of kids via Apple Watch

All those parents who are worried about the whereabouts of their kids, here’s a solution to wipe-out your concerns. The iPhone maker has introduced a new app feature on its Apple Watch that allows children to send their location to their parents when emergency. It also allows the parents to keep a watch on the […]

Apple offers new data security protections on iPhones

Apple iPhone users using iOS 16.2 will get some exclusive data safety features even if their respective iCloud accounts experience data breaches. Yes, what you’ve read is right! The company has expanded its end-to-end encryption to 23 of iCloud data categories that include cloud backups, notes, and photos along with Apple Music Sing, and Freeform. […]

Apple iPhone has over 36 vulnerabilities

All Apple iPhone users are being requested to download the new iOS 15.6 update as it offers patches to almost 39 vulnerabilities, out of which 17 are serious enough to expose users to critical hacks such as access to sensitive data in the iCloud Photo Library. In what’s known to our Cybersecurity Insiders, most of […]

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