What Are Some Things New iPhone Users Should Know?

According to Statista, roughly 47 percent of smartphone owners have an iPhone. It is no surprise given how great these devices are. Moreover, Apple continues to release new iOS versions that bring performance and security improvements as well as new features.   If you have purchased and unboxed an iPhone for the first time, switching […]

Mobile Security quotient increased in iPhones

All those who are worried about phishing attacks on Apple iPhones, here’s news to rejoice. With the latest update, the Cupertino giant has made it difficult for hackers to break into iPhones just by sending malicious links via messages or emails. From March 12th, 2021, Apple will change the way it secures a code that […]

Tips to Cyber secure your Apple iPhone

By default, Apple iPhone settings are not set to completely protect their users from prying eyes. But they are highly customizable and can be tweaked in the best of interest. The foremost thing to keep in mind is to tab your home-screen icons wisely and make sure that some apps such as WhatsApp open only […]

Google discovers vulnerability in iPhone that lets hackers steal data

Google has discovered a vulnerability in iPhones that might allow the hackers to engage in data stealing activity, say an expert working on the prestigious Project Zero. Ian Beer is the researcher in discussion who exploited an Apple Wireless Direct Link (AWDL) Protocol that allows data steal from iPhone and live- spying through the targeted […]

Apple to send iPhones to hackers to find vulnerabilities

All you ‘White Hat’ hackers over there get ready for the iOS Security Research Device (SRD) program where a selected set of hackers from the white listed community will be eligible to test research iPhones from Apple Inc to win a reward as a part of Bug Bounty rewards program. As per the terms revealed […]

Opening of Facebook app triggers iPhone Cameras

Facebook (FB) has launched an official probe over the speculations which are doing around that its application downloaded onto an iPhone is triggering the rear camera app without the knowledge/consent of users. As it is a sure invasion of its member’s privacy the company has launched a serious probe and will be issuing a fix […]

Apple issues Mobile Security warning to old iPhone and old iPad users

Apple Inc has issued a mobile security warning to owners of old iPhones and Old iPads saying their devices will be prone to vulnerabilities such as failing to connect to the internet and can easily be intercepted by hackers after this weekend. Technically speaking, the iPhone giant has issued a warning that all its old […]

Apple iPhone fails to recognize Katie Price

As more and more Apple iPhone users are grouping up on twitter to express their rampage against the facial Recognition technology available on iPhones. The tech company seems to be unperturbed with the backlash. All these days, those using Face ID on iPhone X struggled to unlock their phones early in the morning as the […]

Google exposes Apple iPhones getting infected by Website Spyware

Google Project Zero security researchers have discovered recently that some websites were infecting Apple iPhones with spyware from the past two years. And the tech giant identified the vulnerability in Feb this year and offered a security patch along with the FaceTime eavesdropping bug susceptibility. Security analysts say that those who visited the malicious websites […]

Apple iPhone cable to hijack computers

A San Francisco based security researcher attending the annual DefCon Cybersecurity Convention in Las Vegas, United States has demonstrated that an Apple iPhone cable can be tricked to hack computers. Mike Grover, widely known as MG on Twitter has reportedly developed a fake charging cord related to Apple iPhones that can hijack a computer through […]

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