Apple offers new data security protections on iPhones

Apple iPhone users using iOS 16.2 will get some exclusive data safety features even if their respective iCloud accounts experience data breaches. Yes, what you’ve read is right! The company has expanded its end-to-end encryption to 23 of iCloud data categories that include cloud backups, notes, and photos along with Apple Music Sing, and Freeform. […]

Apple iPhone has over 36 vulnerabilities

All Apple iPhone users are being requested to download the new iOS 15.6 update as it offers patches to almost 39 vulnerabilities, out of which 17 are serious enough to expose users to critical hacks such as access to sensitive data in the iCloud Photo Library. In what’s known to our Cybersecurity Insiders, most of […]

iPhone iOS 16 update might trigger mobile security concerns

In September 2022, Apple Inc will release its iOS 16 to all smart phones in its ecosystem and is urging every device user of its to upgrade their device software with the new one. But what’s tricking in this OS upgrade is that it only works with the models related to iPhone 8 and above […]

Malware threat to Low-Power Mode (LPM) in Apple iPhones

A group of security researchers from Germany have discovered that the low-power mode feature in Apple iPhones acts as an access point to hackers to induce malware that can emerge as a major cyber threat to the device users. To those uninitiated about LPM, here’s a gist. Apple iPhone has a feature called low-power mode […]

Google to use Apple iPhones and Android devices to block Phishing Attacks

Google has made it official that it is going to use Apple iPhones and Android Devices as physical devices that could help in preventing phishing attacks on users using its web services. The plan is to use the mobile phones as physical keys such as Titan Keys to eliminate any kind of man-in-the-middle-attacks. All these […]

Data on stolen Apple iPhones to be made more secure now

Apple Inc has passed on an internal memo last week promoting their staff not to repair any iPhone that has been stolen or lost. The move was taken to protect the data of stolen customers from falling into wrong hands and also to safeguard genuine owners from falling into various scams launched through stolen devices. […]

Apple ups its mobile security by unlocking phones with masked faces

All these days, Apple iPhone users faced the unique trouble of removing their masks to unlock their phones. But from March 17th this year, the tech giant will release an update to all its devices that thereafter will allow a user to unlock their device while wearing a cotton mask. The feature will be released […]

Apple iPhone users get improved mobile security

Apple Inc. has bolstered its security codes just to save its users from advanced phishing attacks. Therefore, from now on, they will receive a 2 Factor Authentication SMS in a unique form that will be a mixture of numbers, alphabets and special characters embedded in it. According to a new update made by the iPhone […]

Apple brings feature back that allow users to report fraudulent apps

Apple iOS 15 has brought back a feature that allows users to report fraudulent apps before anyone could lose money fraudulently. The feature “Report a Problem’ allows users to report any kind of discrepancy in applications that can lead to scams, abusive content or espionage. Also, some apps these days promise to their users about […]

Apple legal FOE to help in scanning child abuse material on iPhones

Apple Inc, the iPhone making giant that filed a lawsuit on a software making firm dubbed Corellium has chosen to go soft on the latter, as it will be using the said company related service to track down iPhone users who are using the device to store and share child se$%^& abuse content. Corellium is […]

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