Russia issues ban on Apple iPhone for security reasons


Russia has issued a ban on the usage of Apple iPhones in government and military sector until further orders. The ban is only applicable to the federal organizations and doesn’t imply to the civilians. The move was anticipated long before as Putin led government suspects that Apple is supporting the Biden administration by conducting espionage on its devices operating worldwide, especially in adversary nations.

In order to rest the fears, the government officials of Russia have implemented a ban on the usage of Apple products for work purposes in all government sectors from July 17th,2023.

Trade Ministry has issued a statement that any email and call correspondence made through Apple devices will be banned, as per the order from the digital ministry and state-owned company Rostec.

Issuing a ban sentence on Apple products was being anticipated from March this year, as the Russian military officials suspected that the American Technology company was holding espionage in devices operating in its region to siphon classical data that includes phone conversations, messaging content, photos, videos, and files.

The distrust grew strong when a close aide to Putin discovered a high-profile member of Wagner forces passing on information related to war with Ukraine developments to servers located in Hawaii.

Compounding the woes of Kremlin is the latest statement issued by Sir Richard Moore, the head of MI6. The MI6 chief said that the Russian leader is left with the only option of withdrawing his troops from Ukraine, in order to stabilize his political career.

Otherwise, he must be ready to face the wrath and misery as the Secret Intelligence Services from both the nations are ready to rip of the nation both politically and economically by pushing more sanctions. Ultimately putting the lives of the populace to extreme risk.

NOTE- Apple has issued a statement on the evening of July 18th and reemphasized on the fact that it is not working with the US Intelligence Services and puts privacy n security of its customers at the top.

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