French company sues Apple Inc over Data Privacy

We all know that Apple offers devices that are extremely reliable when it comes to the function of keeping the user data safe from snooping eyes and governments. But on contrary to what is being assumed, a French startup has sued Apple Inc for sharing user data with its affiliate companies with no permission or […]

Mobile Security quotient increased in iPhones

All those who are worried about phishing attacks on Apple iPhones, here’s news to rejoice. With the latest update, the Cupertino giant has made it difficult for hackers to break into iPhones just by sending malicious links via messages or emails. From March 12th, 2021, Apple will change the way it secures a code that […]

No Cyber Attack on Apple devices

From the past few months, the fear of being cyber attacked seems to have gripped most of the technologists so much that every small outage is being considered because of cyber attack. The latest goes with the February 3rd,2021 disruption witnessed across all the apple products and services and that includes iCloud, Apple Music, the […]

Tips to Cyber secure your Apple iPhone

By default, Apple iPhone settings are not set to completely protect their users from prying eyes. But they are highly customizable and can be tweaked in the best of interest. The foremost thing to keep in mind is to tab your home-screen icons wisely and make sure that some apps such as WhatsApp open only […]

Apple launches Privacy Labels for increased Mobile Security

Apple Inc has introduced a new mobile security feature on all its iOS loaded devices that makes it easy for its users know what type of data the installed apps are collecting. The company hopes that the new privacy labels feature will help in bringing more transparency into the operations of the applications downloaded by […]

Google discovers vulnerability in iPhone that lets hackers steal data

Google has discovered a vulnerability in iPhones that might allow the hackers to engage in data stealing activity, say an expert working on the prestigious Project Zero. Ian Beer is the researcher in discussion who exploited an Apple Wireless Direct Link (AWDL) Protocol that allows data steal from iPhone and live- spying through the targeted […]

Apple plans new data privacy guidelines to app developers

Coming year, that is from the year 2021, all new app developers need to share the information with Apple Inc on how their application stores data and shares it with third parties. This includes data such as analytical tools, data being shared with ad networks and 3rd party SDKs or other external firms. From this […]

Apple sues recycling firm for reselling iPhones without data wipe

Apple Inc has sued recycling firm GEEP Canada for reselling iPhones, iPads and Watches that were meant to be disassembled after a data wipe. This was confirmed after an audit in 2018, when Apple learnt that over 11,766 pounds of old devices have left the premises without the data on them wiped efficiently. In what […]

Malware alert on malicious apps downloaded over 2.4 million times

All those who are using iOS based smart phones and Android software loaded devices, you are hereby been informed that some threat actors are seen distributing malicious adware through official app stores. The highlight is that the hackers are seen encouraging public to download malicious apps via TikTok and Instagram along with Facebook. According to […]

Apple and Google put data privacy to rest with COVID 19 Tracker

All iPhone and Android mobile users are hereby informed that the two tech giants have coordinated with each other to warn their respective users as soon as they have come in contact with a COVID 19 patient. And as per the details available to our Cybersecurity Insiders, the notifications will only be sent only to […]

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