Trump might start his own Internet

US President Donald Trump has expressed his desire to start his own ‘World Wide Web’ network to counter misinformation (according to him) or fake news spread by CNN on International Level. Mr. Trump expressed his desire to do so via Twitter on Monday which goes on as follows- CNN has a powerful voice portraying the […]

Russia cyber attacked 195 Trump Web Addresses!

The Associated Press (AP), an American nonprofit news agency of New York has disclosed that more than 195 Trump Web addresses were cyber attacked by a group of hackers from Russia almost 4 years ago. And almost all of them were repaired by the trump’s web admin staff in the last week of October 2017. […]

World War 3 or Cyber Attack on North Korea..?

As tensions between Us President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un of North Korea intensify many national leaders are expecting a world war like situation in coming days. But security experts suggest that the situation can be brought under control with a few clicks of a button, instead of the conventional war methods like a […]

Cyber Attack on Al Jazeera News Network and Social Media platforms

Al Jazeera which is a Qatar-based news organization has made it official that it was a victim of cyber attack. The news organization issued a public statement yesterday which said that all its websites and digital platforms were undergoing systematic and continual hacking attempts which were gaining intensity every hour and were taking various forms. […]

US President Donald Trump creates a blooper related to Mobile Security

US President Donald Trump has done a mistake of his lifetime by handing over his mobile number to the staff members of world leaders. It was an unusual invitation that broke the regular diplomatic protocol which has been followed by White House for decades. As per our sources, the situation raised for the president to […]

Cyber Attack on Trump Organization!

Early this morning, ABC News reported that a cyber attack was launched on Trump Organization early this month which is now being probed by FBI. The news is out that a foreign nation launched a cyber attack on May 8th on Trump’s family owned real estate business. But the news resource is not yet ready […]

Donald Trump signs executive order pushing Cybersecurity to Cloud

Donald Trump the 45th President of United States has signed an executive order on Thursday pushing cybersecurity to cloud. The order which was pronounced by Tom Bossert, the adviser of White House Homeland Security recites that the government agencies should start using cloud computing techniques to modernize the usage of IT Infrastructure. Thus, the latest […]

Trend Micro confirms Cyber Attack on French Elections

US segment of Trend Micro has confirmed that the recently held French elections were hacked by a group of hackers from Russia. The cyber security firm which has its head office in Japan said that attack was launched just 36 hours before French voters went to polls in a May 7th’17 runoff between Macron and […]

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