Ransomware attack on Poland news agency and Seattle Public Library

Ransomware infection Image

A cyber attack targeted Poland’s prominent news agency, PAP, suspected to be a ransomware variant, with indications pointing towards Russian hackers as the possible perpetrators. According to reports by Reuters, PAP fell victim to a sophisticated cyber assault, allegedly orchestrated by Moscow in response to Poland’s provision of military aid, approximately 200,000 soldiers, to Ukraine.

As the conflict between Volodomyr Zelenskyy and Vladimir Putin persists with no signs of peace negotiations, nations supporting Kyiv face cyber onslaughts.

Although the Russian embassy in Warsaw refuted the accusations, Polsat News corroborated the claims as authentic.

In another cyber security incident, the Seattle Public Library encountered a malware attack disrupting its wireless network and computer servers, causing digital chaos and hindering access to the online catalog serving nearly 800,000 residents.

The disruption was uncovered on Memorial Day during routine threat monitoring audits by the IT personnel, leading to the detection of ransomware within the network. Prompt actions were taken as the infected systems were isolated, and servers were temporarily disconnected.

Despite the setback, library services remain operational, with book and CD rentals continuing as usual.

This incident adds Seattle Public Library to the unfortunate roster of public libraries afflicted by malware attacks, alongside the British Library leading the list, followed by the Toronto Public Library.

Naveen Goud
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