Cyber Attack on Sweden Parliament just before Ukraine drone attack on Moscow Kremlin


Reports indicate that a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS) was launched on the IT infrastructure of the Swedish parliament, disrupting its website services to a significant extent. However, the IT teams were quick enough to digitally recover the website, which now loads slowly and is sometimes unreachable with an error.

Unconfirmed sources suggest that the attack could be the work of pro-Russian hackers like Killnet and took place just before the drone attack on Moscow’s Kremlin, an alleged attempt to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin. This allegation is strongly denied by Ukraine.

Interestingly, the disruption occurred just as Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristensen was about to meet Nordic leaders and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in the Finnish capital at the end of the day. The entire event was supposed to be webcast live via the website of the Swedish parliament.

Killnet is a group assigned the duty to cyber attack all adversaries of Moscow. Since Sweden is about to join NATO by strongly condemning the Russian war on Ukraine, it was targeted by the Russian hacking group.

Political analysts suggest that more such attacks may occur in the coming days, as Putin wants to justify his war with Kyiv and escalate the 15-month-old war to an intense level.

A chemical or nuclear attack is said to be on Mr. Putin’s mind, as his nation has lost over 100,000 soldiers in the battle, while the region is still out of reach.

The Russian Federation is also unhappy with the West, as it has been supporting the Zelenskyy-led nation with ammunition, essentials, and funds since the start of the war on February 24th, 2022.

China seems to be playing a double-cross friendly tactic with its neighbor, and so the Kremlin is thinking of keeping its suggestions and its friend at bay until the war with Ukraine comes to an end and Putin takes full control of his neighboring nation by dethroning Zelenskiy from his presidential post.

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