Putin denies US Election 2016 hack and said CIA can mask its own Cyber Attacks

Russian President Vladimir Putin denied claims that his nation interfered in US Elections 2016 and added that CIA has the potential to mask its own cyber attacks and frame nations like China, Russia, and North Korea for doing so. Putin added that the claims of interference were purely fictional, illusory and provocative lies framed by Obama’s politically impotent White House officials. 

Speaking to a panel of media persons at the International Arctic Forum in Arkhangelsk, Putin said that he was interested in establishing a good partnership with the Donald Trump-led United States in coming months.

Mr. Putin said that CIA has so far played some nasty games with Anti-Russian Card. But he is not going to allow the US law enforcement agency to continue with its mindset. It was at this time, that the Russian President revealed that CIA agents can also disguise their web assaults to frame countries like China, North Korea, and Iran as culprits.

Last month, Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange revealed to the world through a set of 676 “ Vault 7” documents that CIA has “Marble” software tools that have capabilities of hacking any smartphone, smart TV, IoT and Connected Cars. Additionally, the software is also sophisticated enough to scramble viruses and add foreign languages in the source code to disguise them to appear as though they were launched by America’s enemies.
Pretty soon, Wikileaks is getting ready to publish Marble test examples in Chinese, Korean, and Arabic and Iranian Farsi languages soon.

In another development sourced from White House, Cybersecurity Insiders learned that President Donald Trump has decided to extend the special powers introduced by former US President Barack Obama by one full year. The powers allow the US government to allow sanctions against people and organizations engaged in significant cyber attacks and cyber crime against America.

Note- The Executive Order 13694 was introduced on April 1, 2015, by Obama and Donald Trump has extended the same order which expired on Wednesday last week.

Naveen Goud
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